How to make a pumpkin sling hammock thing.

25 Jul

I have a horrible plague-like cold right now. So of course I’m thinking about the project I forgot to flesh out: pumpkin slings! Or hammocks. Or supports. Do you.

As I’m lazy, I just whipped up a photogrid. But that means you can save it if you want to try! And if it makes sense. ALL THE BENADRYL.


I’m still only seeing this one pumpkin. No other squash around. But I did notice some shrivel and die while they’re still wee.


Poor thing.

Happy weekend – may yours be plague free!

Pumpkin Update: of course they’re all up high.

19 Jul

When I planted a boatload of squash like items, I didn’t think things through. I didn’t mind that they’d be everywhere. But I didn’t think about what would happen if pumpkin vines started growing up high, on the tips of said vines.

So of course they’re growing not low on the ground, but waaaay up high.


The wee one on the upper left is lower than the rest. So we’ll see how that goes. But the others? I’ve read that you can sling them, using stuff like old t-shirts, pantyhose (Note to self: buy pantyhose) and repurposed netted onion bags. I’ll try a bit of each if/when I need to.

And am I greedy because I want a few butternut and petit pan in among the pumpkins? Yeah. First Garden World problems…

Peach picking in Pigtown

10 Jul wpid-20150710_124344.jpg

I love neighbors that grow stuff. I love them even more when they share with the class.

One of these generous folks decided to share her bounty with the usual neighborhood Facebook suspects. And so I jumped in. Because peaches!

Yes, this is Maryland. Yes, peaches don’t usually do well up here. But in her yard, boom!

She planted her peach tree in a large metal watering trough from a farm supply store. Very cool to look at, and the slick metal sides help keep the rats off the goodies. After gaping at the crop, I got to work. And these peaches are gorgeous!

After I picked what I figured would do me for the weekend – I didn’t want to be greedy – I trudged home. Popped ’em into a bowl, and voila! Delicious decor (that will last for about 15 minutes, or until I’ve whipped up lunch and put them in the fridge.)

I love her idea, and goodness knows I’ve got a backyard that bakes. Perhaps I should give this a try next year? I’ve always coveted those metal farm troughs…

Because Science: “Your charcoal doesn’t work.”

6 Jul

I’m typically not the kind of person who decides to prove someone wrong. I’m typically the kind of person who shrugs and doesn’t care enough to try to prove someone wrong.

But I do want to nail down the whole Grill Thing. Go beyond the instalight stuff and really get to the nitty-gritty. Why? S’mores. You can’t properly s’more after quickie charcoal. It’s already three ashes to the wind. Luckily, I have charcoal.

Charcoal that apparently doesn’t coal. Or char. Or something. At least according to a friend who tried.

I have a plan though. And it requires a chimney. I have one of those too. I MAKE FIRE.


My “trick”? Stuffing old newspaper on the bottom and the top. Poof! Grey edges achieved.


Then I took “my” Lime Cilantro Chicken, and popped it onto the grill.


Before I knew it, it was done. Plated with peaches, and my first cucumber of the season, made into a salad (sesame oil, rice vinegar, sugar in the raw).


Bonus? Grilling solo = MOAR LEFTOVERS!

Update: s’mores achieved! Yes, they’re made with leftover Easter marshmallows. Because I don’t judge you, y’all. (And yes part 2, that’s my tired 4th of July manicure. Classy!)

Garden Watch: baby veggies! (To-be…)

2 Jul

Hopefully, at least. But I’m stoked to see any blooms on the pea plants. So had to share.
[UPDATE – achievement unlocked: bean babies!]

Meanwhile my pumpkin/butternut/petit pan/who knows are budding too. I’m excited, but if they really get big I’ll be trying to figure out how to properly support ’em:

And the tomatoes, brussel sprouts, cukes and peppers are busting out too.

And with all the squashness, and the torrential rain, I had to pull up the wee tomato plant in the “rain garden” (aka The Garden By The Gutterspout)… Yep, its twin is tomato-ing all over the place!

BTW yes, that’s cat hair on the tomato plant in front. Because I have a Wild Animal that loves to creep through the foliage…

Good Mooooorning Vietnam! (aka, what my garden looks like right now.)

30 Jun

Yes, war movies are thought provoking. But every time I see a movie about the Vietnam War, I can’t help but marvel at all the lush greenery. It’s a thing.

Okay so I don’t have that level of gorgeous green, but my backyard is definitely blooming. Why? Because I decided to Leave No Seedlings Behind. I also ran out of seedling pots, and threw a bunch of seeds on the ground. They sprouted.

Good news, yes they’re thriving! Bad(ish) news, they’re mostly pumpkin and butternut, and no actual squash yet.

But I have hopes….

BTW, I’d keep up with this blog a bit more regularly if WordPress would let me work on two blogs in their app. My bad.





Happy Passover/Ostara/Easter/Zombie Day!

5 Apr

Happy Easter, for those who celebrate!  I’ve always loved this time of year, because it’s filled with so much celebration.  It’s always a fun day, be it for folks who are seder-ing, Ostara-ing, or simply hunting for eggs filled with jellybeans.  Mmm, jellybeans…

Personally, when I do the Easter thing, I do the Orthodox Easter thing.  Why?  Grew up that way.  So next Sunday I’ll be with the fam, bonking red eggs and stuffing my face with Easter bread.  Because for me it’s all about the food, apparently.

So now that it’s actually spring, and not some winter hold-over?  Behold the survivors of Man It Was Freezing 2014/2015!

But wait! There’s more! The mini-daffodils are up too! And so are a few of the seedlings I’ve started. Go plantlings, go!

And yes, I even made some Easter eggs today. For the season. (It’s my first attempt at a Real Omelet.  Looked fluffier in the pan, but sighed in apathy and collapsed once I plated it.  Oops.)

And a blueberry/peanut butter waffle. Holidays!

And a blueberry/peanut butter waffle. Holidays!

Today’s post was gonna be all about the opening of the Baltimore Farmer’s Market for the 2015 season. But as I had about 2 1/2 hours of sleep — why? I have no idea why, but couldn’t sleep — I decided to hang in today.

Happy Easter/Passover/Sunday to all!


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