How dare Real Life interfere with my house-ness?

Painting yesterday?  Went smoothly, and I was happy to see that it’s just like riding a bike; you don’t really forget how to do it.  My friend’s office is now a lovely slate/blue/grey (think this color but maybe a shade darker), and his upstairs hall bath is a gorgeous camel-hair-coat beige/tan.  (Note: after using “skinny rollers” like this one on his walls, I’m never going back to regular rollers again.  EVER.)

We even rigged up some fairy lights for the front of his house:

He did a great job with putting the lights around the wreath he bought, and I have to say I did pretty good with the Juliet balcony lights.  Though those phony balcony rails?  Who fits in those, anorexic mice?  Much squeezing on my part to get to both corners, but it was fun and totally worth it for the sparkly.  Not to shabby, for 99 cent wonders from Home Depot’s Black Friday sale.

Now comes the TMI section of our program.  I have to worry about stuff that isn’t even related to my house buying stressfest.  Because there’s something I need to get taken care of healthwise, and what do you know?  It’s on the same day as my new settlement date.  Gaaaaah!  Ah well, could be worse; could be really serious rather than something that should be done as soon as I can manage.  I don’t know how folks with significant others, kids, several jobs and/or other responsibilities handle the juggling!  I get one thing thrown into my schedule and I’m a spaz.  Deep breathing helps.

So does obsessing over other things.  Like….

(1) Dryer Vent cleaning: I saw something about dryer vent fires awhile back and now feel the need to research how to clean dryer vents.  I go straight to the source on this one: Bob Vila was good enough for my Dad, so he’s good enough for me.  But hearing that  “articles of clothing or other objects” can get stuck in the dryer vent — other objects?  WHAT other objects?  — will definitely give me Curse Of The Flaming Dryer Vent nightmares.

(2) Cleaning refrigerator coils:  Once I started surfing around for info on dryer vent cleaning, I stumbled on the fact that refrigerator coils need to be cleaned too.  I’m a fully grown adult that should have known this stuff  (I do have major appliances, after all), so I’m amazed at all the housework I haven’t been doing all these years.  I like Mag Ruffman’s article on how to clean fridge coils at HomeEnvy, mostly because after reading that article I don’t feel like a freak for never thinking of this bit of housework before.

Perhaps I just assumed tiny fridge and dryer fairies would take care of everything for me?  Who knows.  But now I’m scared to go downstairs to the kitchen, where both appliances will probably be giving me the Evil Eye for ignoring them all these years.  Uppity things.

(3)  How to shop for a refrigerator:  Since I’ll have to buy a fridge for my new place, I’m definitely buying one with casters.  Because I’m an extraordinarily lazy human being and things have to be very simple for me to do them regularly.  I’m still in the thick of my top-freezer/bottom-freezer personal debate, though if I had the cash I’d most likely go with a Dacor.  I never thought I’d say this about an appliance, but wow that’s beautiful!  And as much as I love the Stainless Steel Movement currently running rampant though appliance-land, I’d go with the blue.  Yes, it’d be next year’s avocado, but who cares?  I’m in love.

(4) Accent chairs: After hitting Home Goods yesterday to help my friend shop for lamps, I decided perhaps the way to get around furniture overkill in “my” house is to scale down the furniture.  So I’ve developed a taste for accent chairs.  I didn’t even know what they were called, I just typed in “armless chairs” into Google and voilà!  They come in some pretty great patterns and are under a hundred bucks at Home Goods and places like T.J. Maxx and Ross.  I’m very tempted to head back down to VA and grab the one I saw yesterday.  Except for the whole “don’t have a house yet” thing.

Off to pack up a few more boxes, hopefully will hear back from my mortgage guy that I’m “cleared to close” soon!


2 thoughts on “How dare Real Life interfere with my house-ness?

  1. Congrats on almost being a new homeowner. You may be interested in this podcast where dryer vent cleaning is discussed.
    We also discussed painting on our most recent show
    Feel free to drop The Handyguys questions about your new home or any other DIY home improvement project.

    Have fun
    Handyguy Brian

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