Paint colors: decisions, decisions! And am I deciding too soon?

Painting.  A ton of work, lots of prep and let’s not forget all that blue tape!  But just how do you decide what colors to paint what rooms?  Do you want warm colors, cool colors, pastels, saturated colors…and HOW many colors of white are there exactly?  How’s a girl who was overwhelmed by the big box of crayons to choose?

With Friday’s closing looming large (and still hopeful, since the loan company hasn’t gotten back to me yet…), I have a golden opportunity to paint before I move in.  Paint before the fridge even makes the scene.  Wide open spaces!  The only problem?  I’m just as saturated with color as some of the paints I’ve been looking at, and critical mass can’t be too far away.  I also have an offer of help, one I can’t pass up ’cause let’s face it; painting is labor-intensive business.  But it’s critical to putting my touch on “my” house.

As with most things, I’m afraid of making the wrong decision, so I freeze like a deer in headlights.  I have scoped out the Depot’s paint section and have come up with the following possible paint ideas.  Maybe.  Sorta.

TIP: check out Web sites for paint colors, save ’em to your computer in a folder unto themselves, and push ’em around until you see a grouping you like. Then go out and double-check the colors at a store, maybe even buy a few samples to throw on the wall (if, unlike me, you’re living in the pad you’re thinking of painting).  Research, research, research!  Note: if you’re going to do this, make sure it’s for your own personal use, then delete ’em when all is said and done.

– Front Room: a warm shade of deep orange/brown/tan to give a feeling of welcome to all who visit (and to me, I like to feel welcome too)  Maybe Apple Crisp, Pumpkin Toast or Amber Wave?  I’ll be getting an offwhite/beige couch so I’d like to go warmer with the walls.  And I have several pieces of Ikea’s black/brown colored wood furniture.  Expedit, anyone?

– Kitchen: again with the warm shade, this time something deep yellow, with enough brightness to make the place feel festive and light.  Perhaps Bicycle Yellow, Tansy Yellow or Texas Rose?  The cabinets are light wood, most probably oak (or oak-like), I want to make sure the color is bright enough so it doesn’t just fade into the cabinets.

– Wall connecting Front Room to Kitchen: something that compliments both shades (obviously).  I really love Innocence Gold and Sweet Butter, but maybe it’s too much rosy-tone for the front room?  Definitely stuck here.

TIP: take the existing construction and any built-ins into consideration. Is there cabinetry?  What color or wood stain is it?  Are there a lot of angles in the room that could benefit from different shadings on several sides?  And if one wall is shared by more than one room, what color will compliment both colors?

So far, possibilities for Front-Room-to-Kitchen look like this:

1) Pumpkin Toast connected by Innocence Gold to Bicycle Yellow

2) Amber Wave connected by Sweet Butter to Texas Rose

Moving on…and up:

– Master Bedroom: I really love Eastern Amber!  I have a deep brown “mahogany” chiffarobe from the Pottery Barn outlet years ago.  It’s my only piece of big girl furniture and though it’ll be a real Radio Edit to move?  It is miiiiiiine.

– “Other” Bedroom: Lavender Scent, Lithe Wind or Distinct Horizon perhaps.  I like the idea of a lilac/periwinkle/greyish room, and I have an old twin pineapple-post bed in maple that would look good with that color.  I think.  It’ll be a thin line between ZOMG!  PURPLEGURLYWOWZA!  and a gray that is comforting without being drab.  I want it to be relaxing, not depressing.

– Upstairs Bath: Since this is in the hall and not en suite, I want a bit of pop without being super strange (as I’d probably do with a bath nobody else would see).  More “oak” cabinets, so with that lighter wood Powdered Allspice may work.  This is where the jacuzzi bath is folks, so I’ll be spending plenty of time looking at those walls.  Then again it’s a small room, so how hard could it be to redo if I make a bad choice?

Time to get down…to the basement:

– Lower Bath: Here I break past the amber/orange-yellow and head toward the blues and teals.  Wind Cave or Aquatic Green seem pretty neat, and they’d be complimented nicely by the darker cabinetry down there.

– “The Mancave”: yes, I’m female.  But for some reason this rectangular finished room down in the basement made me say “hey, it’s a Mancave, cool!”  when I first saw it.  So Mancave it is.  I’m thinking of doing blocks of color on the long wall that stretches out to the basement hallway.  When I saw this month’s Spaces magazine (donated to me from a friend who reads it regularly), their Glamor Below Ground article had a great example of how to do that.  So maybe a modified (read: scaled doooooown) version work?

Now that I’ve thrown out ideas from all over the place, I do have to put one thing down I want to remember.

TIP: Avoid Peach Like The Plague. As designer Cy Winship said on the HGTV Web site, “[p]each looks like a bad ’80s hotel room”.  Thank you Cy, because I do tread awful close to the peach with all the rose tones I’ve got going on.  Funny thing?  Every time I head to that section of the ol’ color wheel something stops me.  I’ll be living in Pigtown, not Peachtown.  Might as well buy a forest green/maroon/beige striped comforter and have done with it if I’m going thataway.

Hmm.  Well, maybe I’m not as scattered as I thought after reviewing this.  Guess I’ll see how these colors work…here’s to hoping I get a chance to do just that very soon!


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