Consignment and salvage shopping: used is the new black!

Y’know, you look at houses.  You find one you like.  The Good Faith Estimate shows you’ll be paying something you can afford.  Then the real money starts.

Paint.  Furniture.  Appliances.  You want new granite countertops?  All that tweaking will cause your checkbook to get a workout like it’s never seen before.

In the interest of keeping costs down, here’s a list of consignment and salvage shops near Baltimore that have home goods on the cheap.  Hey, retro is in!  I’ve always liked the idea of  saving something from the dump if it can be salvaged.  And okay I’ll admit it; I’m one of the folks that always got a little teary at that old Ikea “you feel sorry for the lamp” commercial.  I do feel sorry for the lamp!  I’m not ashamed.

Community Forklift:  Located in Edmonston, MD, this place not only has tons of stuff on their Web site — from tools to old salvaged fireplaces to the cast-iron kitchen sink — it also has a 5-buck section.  Did I mention their 5-buck section is FREE on Fridays?  You can even volunteer here and get a discount for your time spent.

ReStore: Okay, this is in Gaithersburg but it’s for a good cause.  It’s the Habitat for Humanity store and proceeds go to benefit that organization.  Not to shabby, right?  You can take a survey on their Web site for a discount coupon, always a plus.

Second Chance Inc.:  (DC, Baltimore & Philly) This place focuses on architectural salvage.  Since the Baltimore location is super-close to where I’ll (hopefully) be moving, this may be “the” place I’ll be visiting.  Maybe I’ll score one of those big stars I’ve always had my eye on.  Or maybe some stained glass.  That’d be nice.

Unique Thrift/Value Village: (stores mostly in MD but there is a Falls Church location) My favorite places to get my thrift on!  Think of a huge Target-sized store stocked with everything; clothes, small appliances, gym equipment, home goods; if you need it and don’t mind poking around, chances are you’ll stumble on it in a visit or two.  They have discount Monday’s (25% off), a bonus club that’s free to join and gets you 25% off on Thursdays (just ask to sign up), plus any time there’s a holiday there’s some sort of discount going on.  Everything was 50% off on Columbus Day, and I scored two cute end tables and a coffee table for about 5 bucks apiece.  (I’ll have to sand and paint them, but that’s a subject for another post.)  I’m definitely checking out their Glen Burnie location.


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