It’s the little things….

Time to start figuring out what I’ll need to actually LIVE in the place I actually may be buying; the mortgage folks seem like it may be a go!  But a foreclosure means “as is/where is”, so that means the things that most folks think will be part and parcel of the place?  May not be there.

“My” house, for example?  No fridge.  No washer/dryer.  That’s the obvious stuff, and really?  I kinda like the idea that I can put exactly what I want into “my” house without having to deal with junking or Freecycle-ing the old appliances.  Sure there are limits, thanks to my budget .  No gorgeous orange washer and dryer combo…but I may pick up an orange toaster oven to feed my favorite-color jones.  I will have to buy a w/d that stacks though, ’cause the laundry room is about the size of a postage stamp, and the sump & ejector pumps are also claiming floor space there.  As for refrigerators?  I do love the Dacor, but I’ll have to settle for something at least half that price.  I plan on hitting the Sears Outlet (when I lived in Delaware folks called it “The Scratch & Dent”, so that’s kinda stuck with me) to see if I can score a deal.

But that’s a Tomorrow Project.  Right now?  I need to pick up stuff that will make the house not a home, but someplace that can actually be lived in.

– Shower curtain rods (along with curtains & hooks)

– Bathroom towel racks or rods

– Toilet paper holders

– Closet rods/closet organizer systems, including one for the pantry/main floor closet combo

– Mailbox!

TIP: if you’re moving into a new place, check to see if all the little touches are done.  If not?  Get an idea on when those touches will be completed.  If you’re buying a foreclosure, make a list so you know what to buy.  Don’t get caught not being able to take a shower simply because you don’t have a shower curtain, or miss mail because you don’t have a mailbox!

I should also pick up:

– Front door mat/slider door mat (otherwise that great beige carpet becomes not so beige)

– Kitchen mat for in front of the sink (I love the Gel Pro mats, but wow.  Maybe later….)

All righty — off to shop, but first?   A couple of pics from the trip to the U.S. Botanical Garden I took yesterday, for a touch of holiday pretty!


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