What’s a walk-through? Oh….

Well, just got back from my walk-through, and it went pretty well I guess!  It was just me and my realtor, walking around the place making sure everything was a-okay and nothing was missing/changed/broken since the last time we were there.  If so?  The sellers would have to fix it.  Per my realtor, I put an offer on the house as it was (the contract was “as-is”), and if there’s something that has changed to the buyer’s (my) detriment, it’s gotta be fixed.  Or, they could lower the contract price so I can fix it later, either way.

But “my” house was all-clear!  Red, the condemned house next door, is still…well, Red.  That’s not gonna change anytime soon.  But their backyard has been cleared out, so no more ooky trash bags, old furniture and empty 40s.  Yay!

I also got a chance to measure the inside of the bedrooms.  My realtor asked if I wanted to measure out anything else, but right now it’s my bedroom furniture I’m worried about.  The “master” is kind of a room in a room; 6Lx9W/7Lx10W, for a whopping 124 square feet.  I can get my queen-sized bed & chiffarobe in there with a bit of elbow grease.  And maybe it’d feel roomier if I put the bed at a slight angle.  I’ll have to play with that a bit.  (I could be off a bit.  Like by dozens.  Math has never been my strong point.  Ever.)

Yes, it’s tiny.  But it’s a cute little room, and it’ll be mine along with the rest of the pad in less than 24 hours.  My house, no longer “my” house.  Wowza.  *breathes into paper bag*

All in all, a walk-through isn’t a big deal.  I figured everyone would be there from both sides, and perhaps in some cases everybody does show up.  But my walk-through?  Very laid-back.  Kind of one last hurrah with my realtor.  And an added surprise; there’s a jig-saw in “my” house.  Apparently a contractor left it, and now it’s just sitting around gathering dust.  I’m sure I’ll put it to good use….


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