Snowpocalypse! (Or, what a new homeowner does when snowed in)

We really got hit with a ton of snow this weekend.  Seriously, a LOT.  With my leg still healing up from Friday’s gouging, and my home (OMG, still freaking when I say MY home) still sans fridge, I’m at my old pad with the roommates, close to first-aid supplies…and a freezer with cookie-dough ice cream.  What to do, what to do?

Window-surf.  I should be looking at paints to narrow my choices down to a few serious contenders.  But instead?  I spent the weekend looking at:

–  towel racks for the downstairs bath

– How to handle odd spaces and limited storage: storage ideas and closet tips from Unique Home Decor (love the shallow shelves for t-shirts and sweaters), and can I tell you how much I love IKEA Fans?  I love them so much, in fact.  Getting many, many tips for handling small spaces from them, lemme tell ya.

– Tiny LCD tv’s: CVS and Target both have 7″ wonders on sale this week for under $75.  Since my tv is ancient and doesn’t have the digital conversion hoo-ha (and I was too forgetful and let my $40 coupon to buy a converter lapse awhile back), I won’t have anything to watch on the tube except for DVD’s.  And I’m a weather junkie in the wintertime, so a small tv that would tune in basic news stuff?  Perfect.

– Small bathroom mirrors: the upstairs bath has an outlet thisclose to the sink, making a big mirror impossible without moving said outlet.  Sigh.  But I can get creative by putting up something like this oval mirror, or an etched mirror like this or this.   Marshalls, Home Goods and T.J. Maxx sometimes has knock-offs of these styles, and since I’d like to keep with a 1900s vibe, either style would be nice!  I could probably buy a rectangular mirror and hang it wide-ways (this one I could probably fit the outlet through a cut-out…).  Or, I could just buy an antique mirror.  I wish.

– Refrigerators:  Still searching!  Energy Star is a must, and I don’t want the built-in-door water and ice maker.  Too much of a hassle to feed the pipes around to where the fridge will be.  Plus, I don’t use that much ice, so yeah.  I’m not really in love with the bottom freezer, but I do like the French door designed fridges.  I used to dream about having a side-by-side fridge, but I don’t know about the freezer storage; what happens when I buy my usual Costco freezer bombs? Gotta put my 75 frozen burritos and 132 ice-cream sandwiches somewhere, and those boxes are huge.

– Washer/Dryers: Again with the Energy Star, but I’m really thinking a ready-made stackable unit.  Why not?  It’d be easy.  But I do like the option of the front-loaders with a stacking kit.  And Bosch has a stack kit with a tray, which is a nice touch.  Arrrrgh; decisions!  I just decided to buy a house, this is more than my Tiny Brain can handle!

The Sears Outlet is having a sale ’til Christmas Eve, and I’m sorely tempted to just grab some appliances and have done with it.

Off to watch Survivor with my roommate.  Perhaps some brain-numbing will leave me refreshed and ready to make some choices.  Or at least numb to any buyers remorse.


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