First “real” day of homeowner-ship! (Or, how many Swiffers can one gal use at one time?)

Now that the snowpocalypse is a dull (albeit icy) roar, I decided to trek out to my house to get a little elbow grease in.  It’s a new place inside, but that doesn’t mean it’s ready to move in.  There’s a TON of dust everywhere, not to mention the leftovers from the contractors.  I’ve found old woodstain-covered hand towels, 5-gallon tubs of joint compound (yes, tubs…plural), and about 55 little packets of ketchup from Burger King.  A small cabinet door is filled with ’em!  So anyone who wants ketchup on his or her burger?  See me, I gotcha covered.

The bathroom mirrors aren’t set in yet, thank goodness; the one they had put in the upper bath is nicked in several places along the edge, so I could easily swap it for the rectangular beveled jobby in the lower bath.  Plus, I can paint the bathroom easily, no mirror to paint around or remove!  But the upper bath doesn’t look too bad with the mirror just propped up:

You can also see that it’s a pretty small bathroom.  The lower bath is larger, but it doesn’t have the WHIRLPOOL JETS in the tub.  I can’t wait to try those out!  You can see a tiny bit of the shower liner that I put up today in this pic as well; another thing I’m pretty proud of.  I ultimately want to put in a dual curved shower rod, but today I put in a simple screw-out-til-it-sticks rod that’ll be good enough for now.  (I also wonder about putting a curved rod into this bathroom but I’ll have to measure it out to make sure it doesn’t just cramp everything up.)

I tidied the kitchen up a bit and whipped out the soaps and token holiday hand towel:

(Note the Santa hat hanging from the hall closet/pantry door.  Yeah, I’m hip to the holiday jive.)

The kitchen rug is actually a spare piece of carpet the contractors left.  Thanks guys!  I’ve got one in the front room right in front of the door as a snow-catcher.  I’ve also got two IKEA door/floor mats to hold my wellies so they don’t schmutz up the carpet.  Hey, I’m not a renter anymore; anything that should happen to the carpet?  My headache.  But it’s okay, SpotShot has always been my friend.  Seriously, they gave us a can when my ex-hub and I moved into a townhouse aeons ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since.  I will have to hit the dollar store for some serious cleaning artillery next go-round for sure.  I won’t be satisfied ’til I smell bleach and BonAmi.  Then?  Then, I make cookies to put that “me” signature on the place.

My favorite thing I’ve bought for my house so far has got to be my phoneybaloneyfireplace.  Decided on this one rather than one half the price because…well, because I wanted to treat myself.  I figured if I hated it?  It would go back.  But it’s adorable, and it throws a ton of heat.  So it stays!  I think it’ll look amazing in the Mancave once it’s all fixed up, but right now it’s holding its own, with an old boxed set of silent movies on VHS I forgot to drop off to the county library book sale.  I guess they stay too:

But, I am a fickle, fickle woman.  As much as I love my little phoneybaloneyfireplace, I do lust after a better one.  One for my front room.  Mmmm.  Fan-tastic!  And speaking of fantastic, here is my dream sofa; the Simone Daybed from Crate and Barrel.  Wowza!  It’s even in burgundy, a gorgeous color if ever there was one.  I may have to splurge with my 8K money for this.  Yeah yeah, don’t count my chickens, but…. Again, mmmm.  Perhaps I’ll go with a loveseat from Simplicity; kinda cute, perfectly sized and it comes in a burgundy-ish color.  Hmm!


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