Christmas-eve Eve and everyone’s stirring!

I’d love to have something amazing and wonderful to say about my house, or how I’m decorating for the holidays, or whatever.

But really?  After all the house-settling, house-buying stuff, and since my first Christmas as a homeowner will be spent watching a friend’s kittens this season?  I’m pooped, and word-free (strange, since I’m always so damned chatty.)

Off to spend Christmas-eve Eve with my new homeowner friend.  Since we decorated his pad a bit a few weeks ago, it’ll be festive-ish.  Spaghetti, vino and salad sounds like a low-key way to spend the evening.  Maybe something holiday-themed on cable, though he’s been told to watch the Dog, Bounty Hunter (or whatever it’s called) episode tonight, ’cause it’s when they bust Santa.


If I don’t blog ’til Boxing Day, Merry Christmas!!!


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