Painting: focusing on a goal. This time it’s primer!

As the holiday weekend is wrapping up and a new storm looms on the horizon, my goal?  To get something into my house that I can chip away at in case I’m snowed in like I was last time.  Because this time?  I’ll be snowed in at my pad, not away from it.  So (self-)forced labor, yay!  With no cable tv and my books all in boxes at the roommate pad, I’ll have nothing else to do but work on the place.  And you know what?  I’m kinda looking forward to it.  No, I’m really looking forward to it!

I figure the easiest thing I can do (read: fewest items to buy, greatest accomplishment on the Unending List Of Things To Do) would be to check the place for places to patch and/or sand, then prime the walls.  There’s no fridge blocking prime painting surface, nothing has been moved in yet, and best of all?  I’ll be painting everything in untinted primer, so I don’t have to worry about it getting all over the other colors.  Sweet!

I’m thinking of just getting a big 5 gallon jug-o-primer — I’ve used Kilz before and liked it — since it’s all gonna be base-coated.  If I go hog-wild I may pick out a groovy color for the kitchen pantry/hall closet, just so I can say something is “done”.  *ponders*

Found an online interior paint calculator that is pretty simple to use over at Easy 2 DIY, and after I plugged in the numbers I think I can get away with a 5-galloner for my 7 room home.

I’ve already got dropcloths (the plastic kind), rollers (skinny rollers rule, IMHO), paintbrushes & a couple of those cool paint guide things that look like a super-wide putty knives.

TIP: Always upgrade on your dropcloths.  No need to break the bank, but just one step up will save a lot of headache later. As a friend learned the hard way, the cheapest plastic ones are just that; cheap and easily ripped.  Not what you want to see when paint has gone a-flyin’.  Same thing goes for paint rollers and brushes. Trust me, you Do Not Want to be tired from a day of painting only to notice your brush has shed bristles all over your lovely new wall color.  And bargain-basement rollers?  Don’t spread paint as well as their (even slightly) more expensive counterparts.  You’ll save time, and for me that’s worth it.

I’ll need: sponges and rags for cleanups (I’m a slob, so better make that A LOT of sponges and rags), painters tape and more sandpaper.  I’ve got 220 grit for the re-do of a few thrift store end tables, but I’ll need a coarser grain for sanding drywall patches.  I’ve heard 120 is a good grit, so I’ll go with that I guess.

While I’m at the Depot, might as well pick up a mailbox.  ‘Cause I’m movin’ in baby!


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