Winners of the “what am I gonna paint these rooms” contest, part 1

Went to the Depot to pick up primer…and ended up grabbing a few colors to just get things moving.  Since I’ve been obsessing over colors for what seems like years now (but has actually been weeks, funny enough) I feel pretty happy about these colors.  I’ve gone with Behr colors, simply because when I had the “barnyard red/electric orange” bedroom a few years ago, their colors were exactly what the chips teased me with.  That, and I’m too lazy to research other brands.  Have I already commented about how I still can’t make up my mind about a fridge?  So, without further ado, the “winners”!

For the Kitchen: Coral Gold Satin

For the hall connecting the Front Room with the Kitchen: Luminary Satin (since it’ll be half in the kitchen I figure go with the easier to clean paint)

The guy at the Depot said it would be a good transition.  Transition from what, you ask?  I’m still kind of debating, so it’s between Grounded and Claytile.  But Claytile isn’t available it seems, ’cause the Depot guy couldn’t find it in his Paint Wonderland Computer.  Sigh.  For some reason I keep coming back to that color though (same deal with Luminary).  I figure a sample of Grounded would be a good idea, just in case it’s not love.  Still, I love the name of the paint.  Very…grounding.

TIP: If you’re deciding between two or three paint colors, grab a few sample paint mini-pots to try ’em on your wall. For a few bucks a pop, paint a 2’x2′ or so to see how it’s really going to look on your wall.  (My sample pots say they’ll do a 4’x6′ chunk, but each brand may be different depending on sample size.)  Just don’t go too sample-crazy, otherwise you’re not narrowing your choices, you’re creating a Partridge Family Bus mosaic.  Not that that’s a bad thing, just make sure that if you’re going that route, you’re doing it on purpose.

For my Bedroom: Aztec Brick Eggshell

For a Bathroom: Marsh Creek Semi-Gloss I say a bathroom because I haven’t made up my mind yet.  I had an idea of this type of greyish tealish blue (yeah, should have gone into the arts, I know) for the downstairs bath, but I like it so much I may move it upstairs.

This leaves me with the second bedroom, the other bathroom, the Mancave, the upper and lower halls, and the stairs (up and down).  I’ve got some basic ideas for a couple of those:

For the Second Bedroom: a faded lavender grey or violet, like Distinct Horizon or Lithe Wind.

For the other Bathroom: maybe something more blue than the other.  Nothing is coming to mind right away though.

The Mancave: still loving the idea of blocks of beige-toned color in the lower hallway, so warm beige is the way to go.  Again with the no real ideas hammering me.  But I did grab an “Oops” can of paint that is a really neat light beige/brown that could work for one of the color blocks, or as an accent wall on the upper stairs.

TIP: if you’re looking for an accent wall color or something to paint the closet, check out the gallons of paint that are tucked away around back of the paint counter.  They’re marked down at a huge discount, because you can’t duplicate ’em; the gallons are painted over so the color number can’t be read.  Not sure exactly why these paints are on the Island Of Misfit Paints, but I figure they’re mistakes customers make, paint computer goofs, or discontinued colors.  All I know is that the cool light beige/brown was five bucks.  Not too shabby!

Speaking of the closet, I’m also doing the wild-closet-color thing; why not?  When I check out Community Forklift on Wednesday I’ll see if there’s anything cool there too, since they sell “Oops” cans on the cheap as well.

Hooray, time for a crapload of work!  Hey wait….


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