Decision made: The Red Fridge Commeth!

(Gacked from an e-mail I sent to a friend.  Because I’m lazy, and it explains things well enough.)

Okay, decided to go with the red Amana fridge:

1) Because it’s red, and how many folks out there have a red fridge?  Yeah.
2) Because it’s a couple hundred dollars cheaper, so I can buy a flatscreen without feeling too much money-spending guilt. (Yeah, I’m not super-worried about the cost diff, but since I like ’em both a lot that’s a plus)
3) Because Home Depot does free shipping, and
4) Because I could do it all via the interwebs, rather than schlepping my exhausted tuchas around in the hopes that maybe the other fridge is still there at the scratch-n-dent.
5) Because the sale on that fridge ends 1/6, so it’s kinda like kismet.  Of the fridge persuasion.

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