Refrigerators: large & shiny, or tiny(er) & RED???

After ALLLLLLL of the research I’ve been doing on fridges, I’ve come to a decision.  Kinda.  Well, I’ve narrowed it down to two.

1) A big (25 cu feet) silver/steel fridge from Sears that is a non-dispensing side-by-side by Kenmore.  I love the non-dispensing; not only does it look more industrial (which I think is awesome, though I know it’s not for everyone), it gives you more space for freezer “stuff”.

2) A smaller (17.6 cu feet — and why not just make it an even 18, I wonder?) regular-old freezer-on-top jobbie by Amana.  Have I mentioned it’s red?  RED.  Which is awesome.

I mention brands to show that there isn’t one brand that is crap and one brand that is great.  Also?  If I go the scratch-n-dent option — also known as “if I shop at the Sears Outlet” — there’s about a 200.00 difference between the two (both are under a thou, which is much less than I feared I’d spend.)

Sigh.  I love the red, and if I go with the Depot?  Free shipping!  Sears Depot?  I’d have to pay shipping, but it’s almost twice the fridge.  But everyone has stainless steel (because it’s George Jetson kewl), who has a red fridge?  That’s not an appliance, that’s decor.  Right?

Gaaaah!  The miser in me says to get the cool red fridge, the voice in my head that says to buy the biggest friggin’ fridge out there says to go with the side-by-side or I’ll regret not getting a larger fridge later on.



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