Brand new year, brand new start

My red fridge is ordered, my paint is in the can and awaiting the roller, and the moving folks are coming to pack me up and move me to my house on Tuesday.  Most of my packing is done, but since we’ve got the Silver Spring pad ’till the end of January I’ll be focusing on big items and boxes.  I’ll snag the leftovers — like clothes on clothes-racks and whatever else I’ve missed — a bit here, a bit there.

So that leaves me with what to bring with me, and what to leave behind.  I really want to start fresh here, with a new perspective on life to match my new status as a homeowner.  I know, money is tight right now, but do I really want to keep that old kitchen table that I brought with me when I moved back to the ol’ hometown 9 years ago?  And what about the chiffarobe, a beautiful piece that just doesn’t work for me anymore?

TIP: When moving, take a look at the furniture you have.  Does it work for how you live your life now? Or is it too cumbersome, too small or just plain tired?  Take what you need, remember that you’ll be spending a lot of money the first few months of home-ownership, but decide what works and what doesn’t.  No need to spend your hard-earned cash paying to move stuff that no longer fits your life.

It’s not that these items have Bad Vibes or sad memories attached, it’s just that I think I want to be free to see how the house develops, rather than trying to shoehorn a few pieces into the pad that no longer fit with how I live my life, and what I want my life and my home to look like.

This way, I can get a kitchen table that has drop-leaves, using however much or little table space as I need at any particular time.  And with the chiffarobe gone, I can put up a wall of Ivar bookcases (or as I like to call them, erector-set bookcases) and use the second bedroom as a hip office/dressing room/tv room/exercise pad.  Yeah, I’m liking the sound of that!

So they’re both history.  I think I’ll do the Craigslist thing, since I could use the money for other house-y stuff.

Yeah, feeling better about the State Of The Housing Interior already.


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