Happy New Year!!! Time for me to get to work.

Hope everyone is having a great 2010 so far….all 81/2 hours of it. 😉

I’m off to the house this morning to get started on painting.  I don’t have nearly enough packing done, but there’s a fine line between getting stuff done and exhaustion.  So I went for getting a few more boxes taped up, and settled in to watch Madea Goes To Jail (who doesn’t love Madea?  Nobody, that’s who.)  No cable for me at my house yet, I figured I could put off that expense as long as possible.  But when searching my cable folks (Baltimore only has the one at this point), I scored discounts from the cable folks above and beyond their advertised specials.  That’s gonna help quite a bit, even though the discounts will last for only 6 months.  That should get me over the “new home expenses” hump.

TIP: If you’re worried that setting up cable and/or internet may be too much for your budget to handle with all your other expenses?  Tell the service provider!  They may be willing to give you further discounts to gain your business. Also, double-check to see if there is more than one provider in your area; that means competition and better rates.

So, cable will be in next month (I don’t need it ’til then), but painting and moving is on the agenda now.  I’m getting some help with painting today which is really nice!  Now we’ll see if I have an eye for paint colors, or if I’ll have to re-paint in the near future.  Still on the search for the perfect “gravender” (that’d be gray/lavender…I make up words.  Just like schizophrenics supposedly do….) for the second bedroom, but I have decided to put up the Ivar shelves in there.  That way I can use ’em as storage, or as a tv cabinet (keeping a lower section shelf-free and putting a small tv stand there instead), or as clothes racks ’til I get my closets together.  Looking forward to seeing how it all comes together!

Now? Off to the IKEA sale, to see if there’s anything else I may need that they have reduced, since I think the sale ends on Sunday.  The good thing about buying a place at the end of the year?  All the end-of-year sales.  The bad thing about buying a place at the end of the year?  I’m still not sure exactly what I’ll need, so I can’t truly recognize what would be a great “get”, and what would be useless to me.  I’ve just got to remember to relax and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and my pad isn’t gonna get done in a day either.  Or, if it is, it’ll be done crappy, so better to chip away slowly than rush and end up with something I’m not totally happy with!

Phew!  After the move and the fridge delivery, I think I’ll treat myself to a movie.  That should be enough of a carrot to get me off the stick.  Okay; up and at ’em!


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