Creativity arises when you need to make do.

I’ve spent the past several days priming and painting, and now have the kitchen and main level hall done!

But life was a tiny slice of hell before all this.  Remember when I picked out my paint colors?  Uh yeah.

First things first.  The biggest pain in the whole painting thing?  The taping!  You can’t not do it, or else you’ll spend eternity touching up.  But it’s amazing how much time I spent taping, laying down dropcloths and priming.  If I hadn’t had a Very Good Friend with an absolutely amazing ability to deal with detail work, I’d still be taping.  Trust me.

Back to painting.  Those colors I picked out?  The ones I slaved over, spending weeks debating about exactly the right shade?  THOSE colors?  Looked TERRIBLE on those walls!  Just horrible.  I was darn close to tears, but I bucked up because my friend was there with me I didn’t want to Cry In The Public.  So I bore up.  He continued to prime and tape while I walked to and fro, trying to make a decision on what to do with what paint.  Throwing up my hands and heading back to Renterville entered my mind one or a hundred times.  Such is my life; making decisions ain’t my strong suit.

The next morning?  I decided to give things another try, rolled up my sleeves and decided to give the kitchen a different spin.  Mostly because that would help me not head out to the Depot one more time for more paint I would probably not use.  (Such was my mood at the time.  I felt like I needed to break out The Cure and really do it up right.)

So I tried the “Oops” can I had bought for 5 bucks.  It’s a darkdarkDARK olive drab, but when it’s next to the pine/oak-like cabinets?  Really looks nice!  The Aztec Brick I decided on for my bedroom made a nice contrast in the kitchen “nook”.  So instead of a buttery yellow bright country kitchen, I have a French bistro (a seedy, Moulin-Rouge like bistro to be sure) vibe to the place.  All I need is a Le Chat Noir poster and I’m done!

I did find a little surprise under the sink; apparently the contractors that worked on my house didn’t glue the P-trap, so there’s a leak.  All it’ll take is a bit of sealant and it’ll be fine.  Something that didn’t show up on inspection or on the walk-through….

TIP: Always expect that there will be something going on with your new place, even if it sailed through inspection and the walk-through.  Keep a cushion of savings just in case. Little things will happen.  And if the only thing that happens is your savings account stays a little more flush?  Hey, there’ll be something you’ll need later on.  Even if that something is a vacay.

Back to packing — the movers come tomorrow and so I’m at the old pad that has internet access gearing up for the truck.  But first?  A few pics….


2 thoughts on “Creativity arises when you need to make do.

  1. I like the colors. If you’re going for the seedy French bistro look, you’ll need to hang some great art prints in there. And maybe keep some old coffee and cigarette butts around for atmosphere.

  2. I’m loving the art prints idea; Art Nouveau advertisements are my current obsession. Then again there’s my old standby, Le Chat Noir. Since I’m a huge fan of black cats I may just go that route. Everyone has that print, but it’s gorgeous so I wouldn’t mind being part of the lemmings in this instance. 🙂

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