Trucks have come and gone: now the magic happens.

Well, the moving truck came yesterday, and three hours later?  I had (almost) all of my worldly possessions in my new house.  Pretty snazzy, right?  Then why didn’t I do something flash like put an exclamation point at the end of that second sentence?  Because now the real work begins.  Now I have to figure out where it all goes.  And how I’m going to put my clothes in order without a chiffarobe (though truth be told the chiffarobe, though gorgeous, didn’t hold all that much considering how huge the thing is.)

At the end of the day I’d made a good bit of progress…just don’t go to the basement.  It’s Box City down there.  My room isn’t looking too shabby:

My bedroom, day one of the move; may tweak a bit....
My bedroom, though I may tweak the setup a bit.

Today I’ll head back down to the old pad and grab some stuff I forgot, like the IVAR bookcase pins.  Can’t put books on shelves if the shelves can’t hold together!  I’m also considering just putting some paint on the walls of the second bedroom, just so I can put up the shelves and forget about doing anything else for awhile.  But meh.  Knowing me, I’ll end up moving stuff around anyway.  I may end up painting the upper bath tomorrow or Friday while I’m on a tear; I’d like to get some satin or semi-gloss up on the walls as a protective measure.  And again, I’d like to check one more thing off my “to-do” list.  I’m that kinda gal.

I also got the new fridge today — and it’s gorgeous!  Here looky:

My new fridge!
Tada! Yeah that's me sitting on the cabinets in the fridge'flection

So you know the first thing I did was to put the beer I’ve been keeping on the back deck into the fridge.  I have my priorities.  While I’m down at the old pad I think I’ll grab some of the food I have there and bring it up here.  For on this night?  I cook!  (Fear me.)

Wondering how I’m posting, seeing as how I don’t have cable or internet set up yet?  There’s an open network in my area!  So, for now, I can get on and post.  Huzzah!


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