Safe, secure…and with books!

Quick post because I just want to kick back and relax today.  Well that, and the WiFi I’m using is spotty at best….

Forgot to mention that the day I got the fridge I also got wired.  No, not for cable (le sigh; oh how I miss TV!)  But for security.  I had been researching different security companies because my home inspector guy had said to make sure I got the best deal out there.

TIP: Make sure to do your research if you want to put a security system in your home.  Installation fees, monthly charges and renewals differ from company to company. I ended up paying around fifty bucks for installation (a complete re-wiring of my house, since the wires already in?  Not anything the installer could use.  Since the folks that did the rehab of my house yanked out the security system they had had installed, it’s wiring was completely trashed.  Nice.)  I also pay a monthly fee for monitoring, which is yet another monthly “utility” I’ll have to deal with in my budget, but it’s worth it.  The company I went with also has a three-year commitment, but once it’s done?  It goes from month-to-month and I can cancel at any time.  So that’s nice.

My security main unit thingamabob looks pretty cool, what with all the lights and stuff.  I also have a motion sensor that flashes a red light, kinda giving the place a “Sorry, I can’t do that Dave” kind of feel.  Since I like SciFi I’m fine with it though.;)

Security thingamabob
My Chief of Security

Okay, now more room pictures!  I finally made a decision on the paint color for the second bedroom, which was pretty simple, thankfully.  It’s called Tranquil Retreat, which made it a winner for the name alone.  It’s a bit more lavender than grey, but it still looks really good on the walls.  So I wrapped up painting in the second bedroom, put together the classy IVAR shelving and got the books up.  Here are some more fuzzy phone pics:

Bookcase up in second bedroom
Second bedroom with books!
View from the door
View from the bedroom door

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