Getting rid of old friends; furniture that has to say goodbye

Got up off it and put the pieces I no longer want/need up on Freecycle.  And someone took the sofa — yay!  I’m so glad it’ll find a new home; it’s a great piece that needs a bit of re-upholstery work (or a new slipcover).  But I’ve had it for aeons and I’m ready for a change.  That, and I’m too lay to re-upholster it.

Getting rid of rugs (hey, the new pad is carpeted), a smallish DVD cabinet I haven’t really used in a few years (because my collection is…shall we say healthy) and some other stuff.

I am keeping my friend’s white wine rack/open storage “kitchen bookcase”.  Why?  It’s sturdy, I need a wine rack, and hey, one less thing to buy!  That’s sounding pretty damn good to me.  As much as I love being able to make my new home a place I absolutely adore from bottom to top, I have to balance that with the ability to not bankrupt myself doing it.  Hey, baby steps.

But I do want to spend money on one thing; closet storage systems.  I’m trying to figure out if I should just buy the things & do it myself, or splurge and have someone who actually knows what they’re doing install ’em.  I want to make sure I don’t have things crashing down around my head if I’ve misjudged!  And the stud-finder I bought at Home Depot?  Either sucks, or I don’t know how to use it.  Maybe both.

Friends are possibly heading up for the second weekend in February, so I need to get on that.  Or my friends will be sleeping on my clothes.  I know we’re all close and all, but seriously?  Nobody wants to spend the night on my Max Studio blouses.  Too slippery.

Sigh; one more thing, a toaster oven.  But that’s for later….

This weekend though?  No home stuff (okay, outside of giving away stuff I don’t need, packing up bits&pieces, and maybe spraypainting the white wine rack….)  This weekend?  I’m ready for some football!  And so is Sonny the Wonderpug, an adorable pup I’m watching for friends while they’re away for the weekend.  He’s pretty excited for the playoffs tonight & tomorrow, as you can tell:

Sonny the Wonderpug
Sonny the Wonderpug, resting before tonight's football festivities

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