Peach. Great fruit. Horrible closet color. Not like I’ll redo it….

Wowza. Painted the second bedroom closet and used the paint I was going to use on the wall connecting the kitchen & the front room. You know, the one that looked horrible where I wanted it?

Still looks horrible. I even watered it down with a bit of Shell White, which turned the Luminary – usually a pale bright orange, making me wish I’d returned it because Luminary should be a pale beige/peach – into a beige/peach.

That’s it. I’m done with trying to be colorful and creative. Time to whip out the khakis, the pale beige/browns and the off-whites. At least there are no surprises there!

Though maybe I should’ve tried to return the paints that turned out to be not quite what the chip promised. Because Behr paints, in my humble experience, have always been spot-on. Y’know, besides this time. That just means never buying paint from the old ‘hood’s Depot ever again. 😉

Hope it doesn’t look too freaky. Because I’m NOT re-doing it! Peach. Sigh.


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