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I decided to man up (or ovary up, as Dan Savage would say) and try to re-paint an old wine rack from IKEA my roommates and I had been using as a microwave stand. I think I can get away with using it as…a wine rack. Fancy that! But it has been around awhile, so the old white paint is tired and faded. I don’t particularly go for white furniture anyway ( except for my groovy Crate & Barrel banquet I got at their outlet aeons ago), so I thought; why not spraypaint it? HGTV makes it look soooo easy.

Well, yes and no. First, I had to sand down the white high gloss so the new primer & paint would stick. I used 150 grit sandpaper, which is what Web sites that give advice on refinishing recommend. I thought I’d have to sand off most of the paint, but the can o’ primer said a lite sanding was all that was needed. Sweet!

I also decided to primer a small drop-leaf table I’m thinking about using as a vanity in one of the bedrooms.  Perhaps a deep purple on that one?  We’ll see.  Picked out a deep brown that seemed rather espresso-looking on the paint can.  That’ll sort-of match the brown/black IKEA stuff I’ve got around the house, so score.

After primer-ing I let them dry for about 20 minutes, since the can said that’s what it would take (and they were right.) A second coat of primer for luck, and I was all set for the brown.  Two hours later? Tada!

It ended  up more Crayola-crayon brown than espresso, but it’s not too bad.  I kinda like it, but maybe that’s just because I put the work in.  I’ll have to live with the rack for a bit to see.  But right now?  It’s in the old pad’s garage drying. I’ll bring it up later this week, along with the last bit of stuff from the old pad.  Wow — I’ll be so glad when all the schlepping back-n-forth is done!

This’ll do until I can bite the bullet and buy, or attempt to make, a wine rack (pehrpas one ala ikea hacker’s Expedit wine rack and bar — talk about fabulous!!!  Those people have mad skills.  Mad.)

The white table in back is the primered table/vanity.   But that’s a tomorrow-and-tomorrow-and-tomorrow project. I’ve got two other tables I picked up at a Columbus Day 50% off sale at Unique Thrift, and should probably prime and paint them too, since they’re too scratched to be used as-is.  The real question is, do I have the room for ’em?  Best to focus on one thing at a time.  And the one thing I’ll focus on is: this weekend.

This weekend?  A friend is coming to visit on Saturday, and another is coming to help me decide on — and possibly install, if I can snap out of it & make a decision about — closet systems.  I really need to get on that, because friends from VA are coming to stay over Valentine’s/Chinese New Year’s/President’s Day Weekend for a beer festival.  And it’d be nice if they could see the floor in the 2nd bedroom.  Plus, I’d like to be able to put away my clothes, rather than having them lying on top of boxes.  A coat closet downstairs that actually can hold a coat?  That’d be nice too.

So I’ll paint the closets, just so once we get the systems from the Depot (or wherever), we can just slap ’em up. (She said hopefully.)  Oh, and then there’s the leaky kitchen P-trap, and the mud still coming out of the upstairs bath tub faucet.  Gotta deal with that too.  Drapes in the bedrooms would be nice, gotta love the energy-saving thermalness.  Of course, painting the front room and the ManCave needs to get done, and the halls are looking drab.

The work continues….

The old microwave holder, now new wine rack!
The two thrift tables
The two thrift tables: should they stay or should they go? Hmm.

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