Plants! Because I’m not spending nearly enough money, apparently.

As you may have guessed, I’m sick (and tired) of painting.  So when a young (okay, a not-so-young) woman’s fancy turns away from paint, it goes to…well, anything else.

In my case?  The plant sale at Home Depot.  They’ve got a bunch of medium-sized plants (read: my hip-height or shorter) for under $10, so I’ve been feeling ’em up like a letch at a strip club.  I’ve actually brought three of ’em home so far:

1)  Anita Dracaenas — a groovy palm-like plant that I’ve popped up in my bedroom because they say they’re pretty flexible, light-wise.  Finger’s crossed!

2) Ponytail Palm — a very pretty plant that takes up a lot of space because the fronds go…everywhere.  It supposedly can stand shade, so I’ve got it out of the way on top of the fridge.  I’m tempted to give it to a friend who has a perfect nook for it in his pad.  Dunno.  May live with it for a bit, and/or get him to have a look to see if he likes it.  Still, have I said how pretty it is?  Really gorgeous.  Speaking of gorgeous…

3) Rubber Tree — no, not a huge one.  A wee tiny one.  Like hip level at the tippy-top.  The leaves on this particular tree are striking, with their light-green/medium green colors.  I kept coming back to it for days, and finally decided to pick it up.  I’m glad I did.  I’m not a big fan of the typical, deep-green rubber tree, but they’re supposed to be able to take indirect light, so that makes it perfect for right near the slider.  Hope it doesn’t catch a chill….

These newbies join the two snake plants I already have.  Picked them up awhile back because it’s said you just can’t kill ’em.  Hooray!  Oh, and there’s a poinsettia that is not only hanging on past Christmas, it’s sending out new growth.  Huzzah!  I’m trying not to baby it, because I think my total neglect is what has been keeping it happy (it was left in my old bedroom when I moved so it wouldn’t catch a chill in the fridgid weather right after settlement.)  We’ll see.

Okay, all better now.  Well, sorta.  I just love plants, but I don’t want to be the person who has plants everywhere, ala The Crazy Plant Lady.  Any more plants?  Will have to be chosen after I’ve lived in the house awhile…and put everything that needs to be put away, away.

Anything else?  Yes indeedy.  Bought two LED lights for the upper hallway, in my push to get things more earth-friendly.  But they’re so much dimmer than the “regular” lightbulbs!  I’ll have to figure something else out.  ‘Til then, I’ll hold off on putting more up.  Mostly because I’m cheap, but also because when I flip a switch I want to see LIGHTS.  Shazam!  Yeah, like that.

See?  I’ll do anything besides paint.  Well okay, maybe a wall in my bedroom.  I did pick up some more Chamois Cloth, a color I’m really starting to love.  (I even tried a test bottle of what I thought was a warm yellow for the front room, only to find that in there it looks like baby hap.)

Alrighty, off to the paint trenches!  Not to much though; a friend is visiting tomorrow and I don’t want her thinking I’m all Eau de Paint Fume.

One last thing, a link to a few Web sites/blogs I want to remember because I think are absolutely fabulous regarding house plants and how to love ’em right: House Plants – Which plant will be best for you? — A great list of houseplants that describes how each plant lives it’s life to the fullest. Guide to Houseplant Care — Much more than one page, the entire site is worth surfing around.  I have a feeling I’ll be hitting up their troubleshooting section.  Though I hope not.

Southern Living’s Houseplants 101 — Ahh, Southern Living.  I grew up leafing through my Mom’s subscriptions (no pun intended, though it works, yes?)  Perhaps they’ll teach me about plants, like they taught me to make a proper biscuit.  I lust after the Chinese Evergreen, but the one I long for is 27 dollars at Le Depot.  Perhaps another day.


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