My closet is up – WHOOT!

More to follow….

Here's the finished closet in my bedroom; nice, right?

Update:  my friend Jan came by on Sunday to help me 1) pick out closets for my bedrooms, and 2) help me set ’em up.  So we went to the Depot (after he took a look around to see the lay of the closet-land), and found the ClosetMaid wooden system for a total steal (they’re probably phasing out the light-wood stuff, since it’s about 1/3 the cost it was originally.)  Then I put the wire ClosetMaid stuff into my bedroom, mostly because I worry about the rusty water that comes out of the bath faucet when I turn it on and figure it’d be easier to deconstruct the track-lock closet system than dig out from under a wood-n-metal one.

Here’s a pic of the 2nd bedroom closet, mostly because I’m truly amazed at my friend’s awesome work!

The "wooden set" in the 2nd BR
The "wooden set" in the 2nd BR

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