Feck-ing update

Okay, so the groovy dude from Atlantic Mechanical came to visit today, so he could see the water damage.  Which, of course, dried up overnight.  (Hey, not complaining; it could have gotten worse and it didn’t!!!  Knock on wood. *knocks*)

He is a plumbing guru though, and not a roof guru.  And apparently it’s a Roof Thing.  Which will require the warranty folks to send one of those out.  But he did fix the leak in my kitchen sink, and even got me to call the warranty folks so I could tack it onto the current order (he hadn’t actually done anything fix-wise at the time).  So yay!

While he was here, I asked him about rusty water that blorps out of my upper bath’s tub spout when I first turn it on.  Doesn’t happen every time, but wait a few hours…and it’s back.  He said it’s probably rust, and that’s almost certainly because a “galvenized” “nipple” (pausing for y’all to giggle like five-year-olds…because I did) was most likely used, which can rust over time.  Should be replaced, but it’s probably an easy fix with no need to tear things apart.  Phew!  But it’s not covered under warranty.  Sigh.  Since it’s nothing to worry about rightthisverysecond per Atlantic Mechanical Guy, I’m lettin’ it be.  For now.

But the roof is still needing repair.  He said that if it’s my roof, it’ll be covered.  If it’s the neighbor’s roof (or, possibly the gap between houses that is causing rain to come in)?  Then the neighbor/the city if it’s condemned, fixes it.

I’m kinda thinking it’s my roof, because with all the DUMPS of snow and icy rain we’ve gotten, no water damage that I’ve seen.  Because something with Red could mean a world of pain-in-the-expletive.  Which I don’t want to deal with; I want to be the homeowner that just settles in and lives, not the homeowner that has a Pigpen grey cloud above her head at all times because of The Woe.  Again with the wood-knocking….


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