Another Feck-ing update: this time with an estimate!

The first roofing specialist — Mike — came today, to check out any possible damage to the roof that caused the whole Feck Episode.

He climbed up, looked around, took pictures for me to keep (nice!) And came to two conclusions:

1) The “plumbing boot” caulk is coming undone, which will cause leaks in future if not fixed with a neoprene caulk that’ll seal it once and for good (read: for the life of the roof, around 10-15 years), &

2) The contractors that extended the roof of my house (up approx 3′) put metal overlap on the “extra height” which is now coming up. The winds didn’t cause the damage, but they DID drive rain under the coming-up gap. So that’s the cause of the problem, and needs a-fixin’.

Since it’s the house construction that is FUBAR’ed, I’m hoping the Warranty folks fix it under my coverage. I mean really; if the contractors that built this house are so one-off, then that sucks for them, warranty-payup-wise, right? Right.

If the warranty folks punk? It’ll be 650 large for moi to suck up. Which is a whole lot better than the 10K I’d been having daymares about! Still, there’s another $600; y’know, after my car-shaft-timer thingamahoob.  The warranty roof coverage only goes up to “$300.00 maximum per contract” for roofing stuff, so I’m hoping it’ll be covered anywho, since the coverage would still save me 300 bucks, having me out-of-pocket for $350-ish.  *fingers crossed*

Of course, since Mike found two things, I’m wondering if the warranty folks will “find” #2 and fix it, then I can ask about #1 to see if they’ll fix that later.  For a trade fee of $85.  Maybe?  Dunno.  May still be less expensive to have the warranty folks fix #2, then have Mike’s company come in and fix #1.  *ponders*

Glad I know the 411 now…& the sink’s OK too, thanks to the original plumbing guru’s skill and awesomeness.  Not bad for a free estimate & one warrant trade fee/co-pay.  Honestly?  I’m just glad it’s not some Michael Bay Movie disaster.  Money under 700 big ones I can deal with.  I won’t be happy, but I’ll deal (especially with tax time & the rebate comin’ my way…well, whenever it bloody well gets here).  Disasters Of A Large Scale I can’t handle.  So phew.  And PHEW!

Looking forward to getting the viewpoint of the other free estimate roofers tomorrow.  Should be verrrry interesting.  They’ll have to blow me away for me to turn from these very nice, uber-professional folks that run the roofing company that helped me out today.  Which probably won’t be the case, since the roofer for the second company called to say he was gonna come tomorrow, rather than today as promised.  When?  He had absolutely no earthly idea.  Steeeee-rike one!

(Will edit this to put in the pics he gave…once I get to the interwebs.)

UPDATE:  Tada — thanks to the interwebs, a pic-topia!


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