Snow! Yegods.

Gone are the days when a snowfall would get me all excited for sledding (and a day off of school). Now snow just serves to remind me how my roof is fecked. And how driving in snow makes my car do the wobbly. Even tho’ it’s an SUV. Guess the whole grown-up thing is official! (Though you would have never guessed that last night at girl’s nite…that’s another story.)

I’d love to be at my pad right now, snuggled into a down comforter, watching a DVD (me, not the comforter. Though it could watch too if it wanted.) But besides being crotchety, being a grownup means Takin’ Care Of Business. Since this is the end of the month I’ve gotta pitch in with the roommies and clean up/out the old pad before we bid it adieu.

Sunday night will be my snuggle-in DVD time. I’ll have earned it!

(And I won’t obsess about the roof, and the snow, and the snow on the roof. Won’t. Dammit.)


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