Insulating myself.

Since I’m waiting on the roofers to show (they probably won’t, since they haven’t called), I decided to wonder about other things I’d like to have done house-work-wise.

Two things:
* Get the place insulated better, since there are cold spots
* Get some of the recessed lights re-wired so the front hall, lower stairs and lower all would run on their own switch, rather than all sharing one switch.

So I called contractors for estimates. An insulation guy came today, and told me that the reason I was having trouble with cold spots is the way recessed lights in the house are insulated. Or rather, how they’re not insulated, allowing cold air to plop down from their openings. He also said the swamp room (where the sump & ejector pumps are, and where the washer/dryer will be) should be insulated, but won’t take too much to do. I can also run insulation in the ManCave “shelf” myself if I want to.

Hope the estimate is affordable. Off to pick up my house numbers plaque that came in today!

Dastardly recessed lighting, the cause of my insulation-needing woe?


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