Phew! Snow hard.

It’s finally stopped snowing here in Pigtown, and the kids are out and about (so cute! But don’t tell ’em I said that; tell ’em I said they were totally cool/rad/whatever hip word they use now….)

Did one more pass with the snow shovel, which is now officially on its last leg. Note to self: buy a new one whenever we get dug out. My steps are clear, and so is the walk in front of my house, but my car? Is dusted off, but not dug out. Why bother, when the plows are gonna shove it back onto the poor little thing as soon as they get to passing through our ‘hood? Once they pass through? I’ll re-assess.

But for now? Snow angel pic! My first in years. Must be regressing. And the kids playing in the snow thought I was epileptic I’m sure. Totally worth it though.

Me, as an angel of snow
Me, as an angel of snow

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