Operation Cleared Deck: mission accomplished!

It was tough going, clearing more than 3′ of snow off of my deck. But it’s a gorgeous post-blizzard day so I figured why not? Only took an hour or so. Now the deck is drying, the plants are sunning themselves and my hands smell of rosemary. (Mmmmm.)

Only 3 more hours ’til the Puppy Bowl! After my shoveling today I’ll feel like I’ve earned it.

(And I won’t worry about a strange drip-like noise in the corner ceiling of my bedroom near the booboo part of the roof. Prolly imagining things. Yes, that’s it. Can’t do anything about it anyway. *frets, but only for a second ’cause it’s pointless ’til the snow goes away*)

My bright & clean, snow-free deck. I revel in my awesomeness.


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