EIFS. I’m so screwed.


First there was having to buy appliances (a washer and dryer are still in the hopper, thanks to….)

Second, there was the problem with the roof (aka the Feck Epsiode), not to mention Snowpocalypse causing further internal damage, I’m quite sure.

Now?  After Snopocalypse, Part 3, I headed to the back of my house and noticed something.

A crack in my lovely cement rear exterior wall.  At the corner.  Where I can see some sorta insulation/board stuff.  Then I went inside, walked onto the deck and checked out the other rear exterior corner wall.  Yep.  Another crack.  And I can see wood.  Wood that looks like it’s…aged.  So the cracks?  Must have been here awhile.  WTF?  HereTF:

Seems I’ve been stuck with EIFS, or Synthetic Stucco.  It looks beautiful, but can easily crack…and since it’s made to be water-tight once there’s a crack?  The water has nowhere to go.  But into the wood/drywall/insulation to ROT.  Tearing off the worthless sheisse can cost “tens of thousands of dollars“.  Apparently Dateline did an expose of the EIFS industry…but they may have taken liberties for sensationalism.  (Then again, you ask an EIFS contractor, s/he’s gonna do her/his level best to suppor the industry that butters the old bread, one would guess.)

Add to this the question; did they do EIFS on my house, or did they just slap concrete up and hope for the best?  ‘Cause if that’s the case, who knows what kind of damage there is?  Many supporters of EIFS say that it’s contractors that don’t know their arse from their elbow that is the real problem (PDF) with this stuff….

So it’s a mystery; is EIFS complete crud, or is it something that can be repaired effectively?  Should it be ripped out to prevent your house from being razed to the ground, or is it too late even now?  The debate is hot & heavy, and one I would have rather not had to deal with.

NOW I see why this house was so inexpensive, and why it comped out at a MUCH lower amount than houses in this area that “look the same”.  Becuase EIFS sucks and there is damage.  And there can be TONS of damage with EIFS/improper installation of EIFS, thanks to the excellent but fear-inducing page at Conceptual Research Database.


TIP: ALWAYS check to see what kind of siding the house you’d like to buy will have.  Even if it looks great.  Ask your realtor.  Ask the home inspection guy.  Ask the sellers to provide information.  And if it’s stucco?  Get an EIFS Inspection, as well as a Moisture Inspection.  By someone Specifically Trained in EIFS Inspection.  No ifs, ands or buts.  Better to know and walk away (or know what you’re in for if you’re looking for a bargain and willing to rehab a property) than to be unpleasantly surprised.)

I’m so pissed off at my realtor and my home inspector right now.  There are no words.  Lawsuit keeps popping into my head.  ‘Cause yes, I bought this sucker thanks to foreclosure and I understand that that means “as-is/where-is”.  But my realtor Should Have Known about EIFS…there were huge class-action lawsuits regarding the stuff!  And I’m sure there are sellers she has dealt with that had this issue.  I wouldn’t have bought this house had I known!  And as far as the inspector goes?  He should have known too.  And he should have let me know what this stuff was, and what the pluses/MINUSES were.

This is bullshit.  And I feel like a total chump.  I guess because I am.

Can’t sell the house without telling someone about this, so I’d be hosed and end up owing money.  I guess my homeowner’s insurance would cover it?  Unsure.  I’d like to rip all that crap down and replace it with something more dependable — like vinyl siding — which means I’ll be in the poorhouse paying off my Discover Card ’til 2017 or so (at best.)  And the housewarming party I was hoping to have?  Hope folks will be fine with chips and popcorn.  If I can afford even that.  Though as much as I’d love to see my friends — goodness knows I could use all the support I can get right now — the idea of having a housewarming how is a joke.

Feck me runnin’.

Guess this serves me right.  All I wanted was a room of my own, a place that I didn’t have to worry about losing because someone was gonna sell the place or the place was gonna go condo & my fixed-income heinie couldn’t afford to buy it.  I ask for so very little…and damn if I don’t get it.


5 thoughts on “EIFS. I’m so screwed.

  1. Yikes. Bad situation. It CAN be costly to repair – if needed. With the exposed wood and cracking you’ll definitely want a home inspector to come in with a FLIR camera to see what kind of moisture damage you have in there.

    This is the reason EIFS gets a bad rep though. What you have is traditional cement stucco, not EIFS. The side-profile shots don’t appear thick enough, the texture is too rough, and the finish coat doesn’t appear to be acrylic. To get a better idea of what EIFS *should* look like watch the video at: http://www.adexsystems.com/video/Adexres-rs-en.htm
    Lots of white styrofoam, very thin cementitious coating, fibreglass mesh (not wirelath) and a distinctive smooth acrylic finish coat.

    Yes, I’m involved in the EIFS industry – but I don’t stand to gain anything from convincing you it’s not EIFS’ fault 🙂

    1. Thanks for the info! Yep, after all that I found out that it was indeed cement stucco…so instead of trying to fix it I went with siding. The H2O damage was not too severe and the viny siding system I got allows it to breathe, or so they and a HS friend in the biz (thanks Facebook!) Tell me.

      I wish it had been EFIS, I’ve seen some nice outer walls that have been done that way… Y’know, now that I know a bit more about the right & wrong way to stucco! 🙂

  2. I am about to nearly purchase a mansion, 7000 sq ft but today, the inspector came and saw this EIFS on the house and told me he is not touching it. It has mold issues in the entire downstairs that needs to be ripped out at a cost of about $5K. Then there is the entire outside of the beautiful house that is palatial until it gets looked at closely. Inside is gorgeous and is architecturally grandiose, however, the inspector told me to probably not even consider it unless a GC comes out first to see what the cost is to remove it all, brick the entire place over, and ensure there is NO underlying damage to the structure. All windows are nearly fubar….due to moisture leakage and the wood is rotted all over…its a shame that someone who built it went this cheap route on such a house of this magnitude and I am not sure if I should waste any more money as my offer was accepted and thought I was getting a great deal for once. NOT!!!!
    Anyone have any ideas on what to do and how to salvage this place in TN let me know so I dont cry in my cheerios any more after this fiasco today. I will send my email if anyone can assist.
    Dave is the name……email: usnreteod@aol.com

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