Update on getting screwed…in with siding?

Okay, here’s the skinny from The Roofing Guy that came by today to take a look (his company does siding as well):

Apparently the stuff on the back of my house is not pseudo-stucco/”Dryvit” (sp?)  It’s “real” stucco (aka concrete)…over plywood.  Which The Roofing Guy said “we could do ourselves over a weekend”.  So yeah.

Good news?  Is that unlike Dryvit, I don’t have to worry about a waterproof layer that will trap water inside for rot/mold/ooky to fester because it’ll have no place to go.  Bad news?  It’s gotta be fixed, and not with just more concrete slapped on.  Gotta put up vinyl siding…which will cost $2,800.00 — I’m thinking there goes a chunk of my Obama money.  (That I have to file for Right Now, now that I think of it….)

I’m also gonna call my Homeowner’s Insurance company to see if this can be covered thataway.  That’d make it $1,000, the cost of my deductible.  Which is still honkin’ but I could swing, or at least it’d be $1,800 less I’d have to pay off over time.

So, all said and done?  I’ll be eating Mac&Cheese for the next 12 months or so but at least the house won’t crumble around me.  Knock on wood….  I’m considering this a relief, since I was worried about having to declare bankruptcy and instead I’ll just be credit-card-debt heavy for a while.

Siding Guy #1 will be stopping by tomorrow to write an estimate, so we’ll see what he has to say.  And how much he’d charge.  This company is from one of those “we’ll match you with a contractor that you need” Web sites, so hopefully his company has been vetted and has the thumbs-up.  Though I’ll be checking with the Better Business Bureau Web site to make sure.

TIP: never just hire someone.  Always, always, always check their record with the Better Business Bureau.  Sometimes it’s shocking to see the report.  Trust.

Okay, back to letting myself take a deep breath and relax for the first time since I found those cracks.  Now if only that snow would hurry up and get gone so I can have my roof overhang fixed!  Feck!

And to prove I didn’t just sit and stew all weekend?  Behold — pretty flowerses.  Sho’ nice.

Valentine roses
Valentine roses -- with eucalyptus! (That eucalyptus? A good thing, people. Mmmm, nif-tastic.)

2 thoughts on “Update on getting screwed…in with siding?

  1. That’s for certain! I’m rather protective and even more bonded with the place now. Perhaps the whole screwing thing; one always reads how women become more attached after that….

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