More siding info, and my first Depot workshop! Fear me, hardware stores.

Not so much an update as a re-hash of what I had posted earlier about Energy Star rebates & siding.

Got my response from Energy Star.  Even though I had asked about Energy Star rated siding rather than just plain-old insulated siding?  Got an automatically-generated response that sent me back to what I’d already read.

Since my siding is separate from the foam they use to back it?  I’ll give the rebate a try.  They can always say no, and since I’m planning on buying a washer/dryer and a new TV (perhaps even an over-the-counter microwave, though that’s not a necessity.  But a vent will be.  More on that later, I’m sure…)?  I’ll be doing the rebate-thing with those items anywho.

I’m feeling pretty good about the siding, apart from the cost that is, because a friend Buzzed me that he had the exact same Charter Oak siding on his pad.  And he hasn’t had any issues or problems.  So hooray?  I say hooray.

But aside from all that, today?  Is a great day.  It’s the day I head to the Home Depot for my first batch of freebie workshops!  Today’s menu is (descriptions cribbed from the Depot’s Web site):

* Tiling Floors and Walls: “Choosing tile is fun, but there’s a lot to be said for laying it successfully. We’ll walk you through each necessary step and even show you how to use a tile cutter with confidence.”

* Small Bath Fixtures: “Become familiar with new products that can make a big impact, and watch do-it-yourself project demonstrations to update your bathroom. Learn how to choose and install a bathroom faucet and pop-up drain. Improve your bathroom storage by installing a new medicine cabinet. Then upgrade your bathroom’s function and appearance with easy-to-install products, including shower and towel rods, curtains, storage components, and cabinet hardware. Learn about newly designed shower heads and hand-held showers that turn your bath into a spa.”

Now, I understand that I’ll be spending bucks fixing the roof (nup, still on that.  Warranty folks said they “dispatched someone”, but I haven’t heard squat) and the rear exterior wall (boy I hope this siding lives up to the hype!)  But I figure knowledge is a Good Thing.  And since I have to install a toilet-paper holder in the lower bathroom, I figure I can ask about the best way to do that.  I’ll be installing it right into the sink cabinet since the toilet is so close to the sink.  It’s an IKEA jobbie that is actually really pretty, and matches the brushed-nickel thing that’s going on in that bathroom.

So, time for brekkies, then I’m off to get my knowledge on!


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