Quick update: da roof! Da roof! Da roof…okay, that’s all I’ve got.

Just answered the door after coming home from my Depot workshop (more on that in a post I’ll be popping up in a sec.  I know you’re dying to know how that went….)

G&G Taylor and Sons Roofing apparently had come by a few weeks ago and “fixed a vent” that was immediately over the place where the Feck Episode happened.  Uh, okay. And y’all didn’t bother to call/leave a message/contact the warranty folks because…why?  They also didn’t take any pictures so I could see what’s what.  So we — the warranty folks and I — are going on faith here.  And as far as contractors go, I’m sorry to say but faith is in very short supply here at Chez Hizzy.

Glad that they fixed it, if it is actually fixed, but who knew?  That’s when the whole calling folks thing would have come in damn handy.  So when the 2-10 Home Warranty folks called me yesterday evening to ask if the roof had been fixed last night, my response was “uh, huh-wha?”  (I like to show off my dazzling intellect whenever possible.  It’s a vanity thing.)

Armed with that brilliant statement (and my pissy attitude that said contractors hadn’t called me or the warranty folks), the warranty folks decided to ship out another roof company.  Wonder if that company will still show, ’cause if they do?  Uh, hello — I’ll be asking them to tell me what they see and how they like it.  Why not?

But if it’s fixed?  Fine.  I think.  Maybe.

TIP: That’s why you always want to go with several contractor estimates.  Because (1) you’ll get a different opinion from each and every one, so you’ll need to find some sort of mean average that most of the contractors agreed upon/mentioned, and (2) you’ll learn a whole lot from each of them. Every time a contractor stops by, they’ll say something that I didn’t know before.  Except for one guy who just called and said “you need a new roof…it’s just bad.”  Uh, thank you Einstein but I’ll pass on your company.

While G&G was here I asked ’em about the overhang/overlap/overwhatever that Mike The Roofing Guy took pictures of.  And they said that the area in question?  Was on my neighbor’s roof, so it didn’t make a difference on my end.  (Y’know, unless someone lived there, then I’d bet moolah *someone* would give a damn.)  I still wonder about that though, and think it’s probably best to put down a more flexible thingamajig, rather than having that metal overhang just stay “up” like that.  For some reason I just can’t get comfortable listening to the really loud and fast-moving drips that pitter-patter-pitter-patter while that overhang uplift  is still allowing the elements in and out.  (Shadooby.  I know, not the right lyrics.  Roll with me for a sec.) Don’t tell me that nothing’s happening with that crack.  The elements are probably having a field day I’m guessing, and it just ain’t right.

Because the elements ain’t paying rent, to me or to Red.  Just sayin’.


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