Warranty Madness! A Plumber Rides Through.

Tito The Plumbing Guy showed today — whoot!  Two, two, two contractors in one (day)!  His assessment?  Dig this….

1) The Upper Bath:  apparently the sound that I thought was dripping?  Is most likely the sound of a PVC pipe expanding/contracting between the wooden studs/supports.  Tito The Plumber Guy said that when he does rehabs, he makes sure to drill a hole a bit larger than what is needed, so when the plastic PVC warms up — and expands — the hole can take it.  When it’s drilled “just right”?  There’s squeaking whenever the pipe warms up and expands, and also when the pipe cools back down and contracts (though you probably can’t hear the expansion since the water tends to be running when that happens.)  Prolly only happens with warm/hot water, so I’ll try to keep things cooler.  That’s y preference anyhow, what with energy usage and all.  Repair? Nup.  None needed.  Prognosis:  good-ish, since there’s nothing to do about it (save re-drilling the hole, which would be a bugger, not to mention unecessary in most cases.)

2) Leak In Heater/HVAC Thingamabob: Looks like some condensation gathers at the “dip” of the PVC pipes that run to the HVAC pump from the heater (or something like that.  See pic below.)  Whoever installed the pipes didn’t seal them at all, so they’re totally loose.  Could be that they kept it unsealed in order to make sure they could be drained of sediment from time to time.  And Tito also wondered why the top of the leaky pipe section was uncapped, since the other pipe section had a cap on the top.  But Tito was unsure since he’s a plumbing guru not an HVAC guru, and had to check with The Warranty Man to get a better idea on what to do.  Warranty Man said it’d be best to get an HVAC specialist out to check the pipes, since s/he would know best about sealing any leaks or just leaving the pipes open for easier cleaning/draining.  So Warranty Man (or woman, whatever) will be shipping out an HVAC person sometime soon.  Repair? We’ll see, pending HVAC person’s opinion.  Prognosis: Even if it’s gonna remain open, shouldn’t be a problem; a tray to catch condensation should take care of any worries about damaging the underside of the HVAC unit.

3)  Rusty Tap Water From Upper Bath Spout: Since Tito The Plumbing Guy was here, I asked him about the rusty water coming out of my upper bath tub’s water spout when I first turn it on.  He said that it probably was the “nipple”, just like the earlier contractor from Atlantic Mechanical had said.  However, Tito said it could be pretty expensive to try to fix, since he was unsure as to where the galvanized part would be found.  “From about 300.00 to thousands”, all depending on where the sneaky part is located.  Gaaaaah!  But a nice bit of info?  He also said that these things can actually clear up.  So since I’ve only been here since December, he told me to keep an eye on it and see if things get better, because in many cases the rust just goes away after being pushed through enough times to wash it clean out.  Tentative but still enthusiastic Huzzah! Repair & Prognosis: watch and wait, could be just fine.

Though I’m tired as hell — the contractors, the workshop and a whopping 9 vials of bloodwork at Labcorp yesterday (thanks, enzyme testing) have me looped.  But I want to post about the tile workshop.  Y’know before I forget all the good stuff.

Pictures of HVAC, for your viewing pleasure:


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