Lazy day…but hey, toilet paper! Or rather, the holder.

Apparently this is a Lazy Weekend weekend.  Yawwwwn.  So hard not to curl up and watch curling (and how cool is it that it seems like everyone has caught curling fever?  Pretty neat.)

But I shamed myself and decided to accomplish at least one home-like thing today.  So I put up the toilet paper holder for the lower bathroom I picked up at IKEA, the Lillholmen, which is the same steel/nickle brush-ied sheen as the knobs on the lower bath cabinet.  Looks pretty good!

Toilet paper holder ala Lillholmen
Tada! Toilet paper holder. And my Charmin just got happy; no more slummin' in the basket.

The only boo-boo I left with was a cut/split on my thumb from holding a screw.  I lost the drill screwbit holder that I had after my friend helped put up my glorious closets.  I have a scary feeling it may have gone into a pitch pile in my mad dash to straighten.  I do hope that it’ll show up sometime soon though.  Y’know, like after all is done and I don’t need it anymore, there it’ll be….

I’m kinda girlcrushing on all the Lillholmen stuff to be honest.  Hence the link to all the stuff here…it’s not all in this year’s catalog, which is a pain.  Good thing I like to wander aimlessly or I’d never have found the stuff.

I really dig the “etching” on the mirror and glass items.  A nice antique-like vibe.  My parents used to have a huge etched glass mirror, but lost it in the Ex Wars.  Ah well, there are always casualties.  And with this pad?  Where would I put it?  The whole idea of decorating my house is a fresh start, so it’s all good in the end!

I like the “towel hanger/shelf” for the lower bath, with maybe the “rack with 5 hooks” for next to that cabinet sink.  And if I can really splurge?  I’d get the glass shelf for the upper bath, along with the accessories stand & cotton pad holder.  Yeah, I said cotton pad holder.  I don’t know why (I’m a girl) but I really like it.

There’s a mirror and a spring-loaded frosted glass bathroom cabinet that I’m also considering, but they’re neither in the catalog nor online.  The cabinet didn’t even have a price/name tag on it, so I despair.  Unless I decide to stalk the As-Is section?  Prolly out of luck.

Meh.  What I really could use is towel storage.  So I have to focus.  Focus!  At least ’til my tax rebate (and refund???)

I think next week is the week of Craigslist.  At least get a feel of the place.  The Baltimore-area place at least.  Who knows what I’ll find?  She said hopefully.


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