Grand Central (Contractor) Station. Not a bad thing….

The HVAC guys came this morning and fixed the drip!  Actually, they fixed two drips; one I saw, and one I didn’t.

For those who are into HVAC-speak (unlike myself, who can’t speak it but would love to learn the language so I can feel comfortable when visiting that country):

“Connect condensate lipp.  Also cut out 2″ coupling that was leaking.  Put new couplings in and small piece of 2″ pipe”.

All covered by my home warranty.  Thank you, Powers That Be.  One less expense is absolutely heaven-sent.

Y’know, let some folks say what they will (*cough* roofing guy *cough*), but my warranty folks?  Have been pretty darn decent.  They’re not gonna cover the Feck Episode, but that’s because the roof contractor said it “blew up in the storm” — a different description than what he gave me, which was that it was just coming up because it wasn’t screwed in well — so storm damage ain’t covered.  But they will cover re-caulking the pipe on the roof that needs silicone.  So that’ll be 50 bucks I won’t have to worry about!  But 600 I will have to shell.  Ah well.  At least it’ll be done.

Today, while I wait for the roofer to show (if he shows today, since he said “he’d get to me quick”.  Whatever that means.) I’m painting.  Or I will be as soon as I finish with this.  I’ve decided to go with one of the custom colors I had made up for the front room, which looks camel-coat-ish enough for me.  And the gallon of Baked Scone that I had made up for a possible front room color when I went on a neutral binge?  Will be going on the stairs down to the ManCave.

What else?  Thinking about buying furniture in a week or two.  So far my list is as follows:

* IKEA Karlsvik Sofa — for the front room (can’t seem to find it online or at White Marsh, but they have it at College Park)

* IKEA Expedit “four square” — for the front room (to hold the stereo I’ll ultimately buy, along with my LP’s)

* IKEA Malm dresser — for my bedroom; thinking the 6-drawer upright but may get the side-by-side.  Damn I have a lot of clothes.  Trust.

* IKEA Lack corner tv unit — at around 60 bucks it’s worth it to me to have something to stand the old tv on.  Because I won’t be buying a new one ’til this sucker is tapped out.  (Unless this year’s Black Friday sales are as awesome as last years and I can snag a 32-46″ for under $500.  A gal can dream, can’t she?)

* Some other sofa for the ManCave…though I’m torn between a less expensive “plain-old” sofa that would be cozy but stationary, and a Tylosand sectional that would cost more, but would be more useful (I could move pieces around a bit, making parties more…festive?)  Sigh.

* Baskets.  Lotsa baskets.  For my cd’s, since I have no idea how to go about building a shelving unit on the ManCave shelf.  And I want to do it right the first time, so…cds in baskets.  Kinda diggin’ the Motorp.  Don’t know why, but I like it.  Could probably find something similar at TJ Ross-shalls, but for under 5 bucks a pop it’s most likely 6 of one, half-dozen of the other.

Why all IKEA?  Well, aside from the fact that it’s dirt cheap/affordable, I figure it’s better to order it all from one place and just pay one delivery fee. I like the idea of having it all come at once, rather than chipping away with delivery fee after delivery fee.  Better to put those fees into furniture.  I think.  Though I wish I could get 1/2 of a sofa, an armless section and an ottoman.  But they don’t have the option of a 1/2 sofa or corner piece, just a chaise.  So I may have to go elsewhere for exactly what I want.

But then there’s the Ace, a chair that has my heart going pitter-pat, a piece I have no reservations about.  It’s really expensive (to my budget, anyways) but I love it.  Stumbled on it at Macy’s when I was waiting to meet a friend for lunch and had time to kill.  Don’t know how hard it is to find, which is why I’m linking to the Web page; I can keep track of when it goes on sale again.  And hopefully there will be a coupon in the paper too.  Again with the dreaming….

But that chair?  Must be mine.  Must.  And it will be Luke.  It will be.  Even if that means my using a camp chair in the ManCave ’til kingdom come.


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