I. Hate. Painting the stairs. Hate.

Yep. Hatey-McHate-Hate painting stairs. All the “hey, it’s all sortsa angly; groovy!” Is now “dammit, another edge?”

I have a feeling there will be no Baked Scone on the walls, just Primer White. Hope folks don’t mind.

Truly stupid thing though? Soooo tempted to pop up some Burnt Scone on the ManCave shelf. Because I’m craaaaaazy.

Time to eat some leftover spaghetti with a glass of Pinot Grigio (donlt judge me), catch up on House re-runs and plug in the soothing awesomeness that is my Lava Lamp.

See? All primered. And that's the way it'll stay...'til my head 'splodes.
Mmmm.  Laaaaaaava.
Mmmm. Laaaaaaava.

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