BGE, new roof pics, & splish-splash

Yeah, I’ve been slow.  Lazy in posting.  But hey, a new post, with new info!  And the crowd goes wild.

First: a contractor from BGE came over to do a Smart Savers visit.  He took a look around the house and while not a comprehensive audit (with fancy infrared machines & door wind checkers), he did recommend several things I could do.  He also said the stuff I could do wouldn’t do too much for lowering my energy costs, mostly because they’re low right now…but since I keep my thermostat so friggin’ low?  I could probably be toastier in the colder months.  Yay for toasty!

He also installed 6 CFL bulbs, 2 low-flow shower heads (one for each bath, natch) and two low-flow sink aerators.  He would have installed a third, but the sink in the upstairs bath is a smaller fit that the aerators he had.  He also put a bit of insulation around the hot water heater pipe.  All for the low-low price of free!  Hooray!!!  If I had turned down these things, the visit would have cost $40.00.  But who would turn that down?  I feel all eco-friendly, and money-savin’.  The BGE super-cool programmable thermostat gets installed next week, also for free (since I’ll be allowing them to “cycle” my a/c usage.  Which is peachy with me since I’m always cold, but never really hot.)

Next?  The roof/overhang bits have been fixed!  It was hell trying to get someone back here to take pictures, but if I’m spending over $600 bucks on something?  I want to see what I’m buying.  So?  Pics!

Speaking of pics, I’ve been buzzing around the house lately, doing a little bit of this-n-that.  I put one of those stick’em-decals in the upstairs bath, painted the lower stairs rather than just leaving it primered (hope nobody looks at the upper edges, as they’re undone; my bad) and hung a few hooks in the hall closet.  Baby steps, but still?  Takes a lot outta a gal!  Tomorrow I rest before the Friends Onslaught.  So looking forward to that!

Oh screw it: WordPress won’t let me do two galleries, nor will it let me move pictures side-by-side. So here the are all in one blob.  Enjoy…?


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