House? Now officially warm.

Friends are awesome.  My friends are especially awesome.

Why?  Because I threw a housewarming party on Saturday and over 40 folks showed.

I didn’t think so many folks would come, being as how 90% of the folks I know live in the DC area (or further away!)  But hey, they trudged over to check out the pad.  And it was a blast!

People brought food, people brought wine, people brought camp chairs because I have no “living area” furniture.  Which wasn’t even a big deal, since everyone ended up sitting on the floor chatting.  Many compliments on the house (good house, big donut for you) and the thrill of getting people up to my pad to hang out.  I even got some gift certificates to Target & the Depot, which was completely lovely and totally unexpected.  Guess I can go out & get those dimmable CFL’s for the bedrooms!  Huzzah!

What was really great to hear was that all the work I’ve done turned out pretty well.  Friends were amazed at how much I’d gotten done, which was nice because I’ve been worried that I haven’t done much.  I guess looking at everything day-to-day got me numbed to exactly how much I’ve accomplished.  So go me….  (Go right to the Depot.  The stairs need painting, the towel rack in the lower bath is non-existent, the washer & dryer needs to get purchased, as does the furniture for the ManCave & front room….)

For right this second though?  Just basking in the party afterglow.  I’m still eating chocolate, Sun Chips, baby carrots and homemade cupcakes & pie (Pina Colada pie.  Awesome.  Trust.)  Happily stuffed.

I’m sure there will be pics on Facebook of the shindig, but since there’s nothin’ right now since I didn’t take any?  You’ll have to take my word for it that it was The Awesome.  As are my friends.

(I’ll update this post with a few pics, if and when they surface!)


One thought on “House? Now officially warm.

  1. It was an awesome gathering, and I’m guessing you have enough leftovers to feed you for a month (if you like booze and cupcakes, and who doesn’t?).

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