Sofas…sofi? And furry creatures NOT from the shelter.

The process of choosing sofas/loveseats/sectionals/something-to-friggin’-sit-on continues.  I’ve gotten some pretty good advice though:

Tip 1: plan on spending a bit more than you feel comfortable spending.  Not a whole lot, but just enough so you’re not buying something you’ll only end up replacing a year or so down the road. Why not just buy something better first?

Tip 2: don’t buy something unless you LOVE it. Not talked yourself into love, but walked into the store loved.

Tip 3: don’t buy anything sofa or chair-like without sitting on it first.  You may end up saddled with an uncomfortable space-waster. And who wants that?

I think I like a kinda modern/kinda traditional look for the front room.  A few items I’ve been drawn to lately (again, saving so I don’t have to constantly search for ’em on the interwebs):

The “Erin” loveseat, ala RoomStore: it’s purple.  Enough said.  Though prolly a bit too big for that room?  Maybe?  Whatever; if I like that kind of style, I should probably choose the smaller lookalike…

The Lorelai ala Simplicity Sofas: still has the “swinged out” arms, which to me seem like they’re cozy.  This place has “pet-proof” fabric, which I think I’d get even though I don’t have a pet.  Because I’m a slob.  (Though I may wait a bit for anything lower-level, since this made-4-tiny-places place says they’re coming out with a sectional….)

The Pearce Collection ala Pottery Barn:  yeah.  like I can afford this.  But it’s a look I kinda dig (though maybe a bit too traditional?)  So here it is.

Speaking of which, in dreamland I like the Baxter Sectional ala West Elm for downstairs.  A coupla “corners” smooshed together maybe?

I found a “Furniture Liquidator” on  my way to the gym a few days ago; apparently they ship straight from North Carolina.  Solid oak construction, I can pick whatever upholstery I’d like.  Sounds good, yes?  But they only seem to sell sofas and loveseat combinations, not just single items.  So I’ve gotta love both pieces, and both pieces have to fit in their repsective places.  That, and they’re kinda like the DSW or Marshall’s of furniture; if you like it, buy it, or it’ll be gone.  No returnies though.

I’m getting to the point where I’m sick to death of my camp chair in the ManCave.  I want a sofa, dammit!  But I’m afraid of making an expensive mistake I’ll be saddled with.  So?  Slogging onward….

May end up finishing the ManCave paint job, just in case I do find something.

On that note, last night when I was catching up on my DVR-ness I heard some chewing noises in the walls.  Like ratty chewing.  Looks like the guy on the opposite side of Red was right; Here There Be Ratsies.  I e-mailed City of Baltimore “Vector Control” (aka “Ratkiller Central”), so hopefully things will be on the way to being rat-free?  Though I do have to start work on getting Red either rehabbed or torn down.  Sigh.  A homeowner’s work is never done!


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