Chair. Chair! I got THE chair!

The Ace apartment-sized recliner that I figured I’d lost thanks to my lack of get-up-n-go? Mine!!! Thanks to my wonderful, amazing & beautiful friend who just happened to see it at the Ballston Macy’s. So during a margarita happy hour while visiting another friend in Bethesda, I shouted my credit card info (brillliant, chica) to the Rock Star service rep and now? Le Chair? Is miiiiine!

Another friend who thinks she is helping me with IKEA stuff (thanks baby!) will be helping me get Le Chair into my pad. Hooray! [Update: I sure hope we can do it…which translates into I sure hope I don’t wuss out muscle-wise and end up damaging Le Chair.  *thinks positive thoughts*]

Don’t know if I’ll put it in the front room or the ManCave. ManCave could win, simply because it’d be easier to relax in front of the tube with, um, not a camp chair! The great thing about this chair? It could work in either room. So yay!

As a nice end piece for this day of sun coming through the clouds of my addled mind, sun on tree blossoms! (Hope to have cherry blossoms on this blog somehow…but these’ll have to do. For now. But the light; awesome, no?)

Photo of budding loveliness from a friend's neighborhood. So pretty!

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