Sofa…nup. Loveseat…nix. Space difficulties = funky alternatives.

Got the brochure & samples from Simplicity Sofas today. As I expected, I love the Cardinal, and fee meh about the much safer beige/tan/chocolate colors.

Thing is? My Front Room ain’t that big. Yeah, I kinda knew that (REALLY knew that) before, but it’s sinking in a bit more now. So my dreams of an apartment sofa or even a loveseat? A wash. Unless I want to smoooosh everything in…but I swore to myself that this place would be as open as I could make it. Y’know, with furniture folks can sit in. I could just lay poufs around, but that just ain’t me. I love relaxing on the floor, but hate the idea of floor sitting as my – and my guests – *only* option.

Perhaps their Adam chair&1/2? It’s 54′, a good size for the room; it’ll fill the space almost to capacity without the smoosh.

I’ll head out to HomeGoods & other places to see if there’s anything I like as well as I like this one. But to have something oak-sturdy done for me? That can be easily moved? Sounds really good.

Now the whole More Money Than God thing?  Is sounding really good.  I usually don’t care too much, I’m a gal who is fine as long as I’ve got what I need.  But right now a buttload of cash sounds really good.  I’d bet there are really great pieces out there for bucks…and I’m not gonna look.  Nup.

The Front Room's empty bit.

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