My siding is up!!!!

After the Feck Episode, the Screwed Incident and trying to figure out furniture on a budget so tight even Joan Rivers’ face would say whoa, things are settling down.  My new siding is up!

I was sure it’d rain today, since yesterday was a pretty rain-intensive thang.  But this morning was bright & sunshiny, and before I even finished my first cuppa (let alone my PopTart), the siding guys came by.

I worried like nobody has worried before; will they put the insulation behind the siding?  Will they be nice & sweet & nice to the backyard of my neighbor’s house (since he was super awesome in letting them get back there so they could do the wall facing his pad)?  Will it suddenly rain and fubar it all up, leaving damp styrofoam next to my home to rot & God knows what-all else?

But I’m fine now.  It’s only just starting to sprinkle and they’ve wrapped everything up.  I was going to feel bad and ask if there was anything I could do, but honestly?  1) They’re friggin’ pros, and I’d only end up getting in the way, and 2) I’m paying more than 5 big ones for this upgrade to Chez Couchon (like it?  It means House of the Pig, or something like that.  Which goes for Pigtown *and* my typical living style.  Win-win!)

The guys even put up a new porch light; the installation supervisor (named Mike, of course) told me I could pick something out anywhere & they’d put it up for me at no extra charge.  Installation Supervisor Mike said that since they had to disconnect the light fixture anyway, why not upgrade if I felt like it?  That was pretty darned awesome of him to mention.  After much obsessing about what to choose, I went with a Mission-like light that looks sturdy and wasn’t very expensive.  Huzzah!  Lawd knows I should celebrate making a decision.  I’m not exactly great in that department.  But more on sofas later….

I took pics the whole day, in part to document and in another part to just nose around.  So hey, looky!


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