My ManCave Tylösand dealio!

The As-Is section of IKEA is a wonderful thing. Case in point? My big score: a one-armed Tylösand loveseat for 50% off. Yipee!!!

Yup, this is what I wanted for downstairs, and it fits perfectly. I can always pick up a Tylösand ottoman or “armless chair” piece if I want to extend things. It’d be a cramped fit, but I could move things around a few different ways down in the ManCave. But for now? I’m fine with this piece being on it’s own.

Oh, and the reason there’s a huge throw on it?  I bought it without a cover; the red pillow-covers & side-arm covers I also got at their  As-Is section for $1.19 apiece.  I’ll pick up a full cover set (the next time I see one on as-is or clearance) once I get over the shock of spending so much money on furniture.

On that note, I think I bought a Simplicity Sofa. Why just think? Because the lady I spoke to first said they didn’t take Discover. Then called again to say they do…but gave me no delivery date, no other info on what to expect, nothing. If this is their customer service? I’m VERY nervous about this purchase. I went with Simplicity Sofa because I heard about their fantastic service…. Eight hundred bucks is a helluva lot of change for me, and a helluva lot to have riding on something I’m taking on blind faith. I could use a good choice in my house-life.

Fingers crossed. *ulp*

Tylosand loveseat!

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