April Food Day: because what good is a new fridge if there’s no food in it?

Happy April Food Day everyone!

April Food Day 2010

No, you read that right.  FOOD day.  Not Fool’s day.  So just put down the saran wrap and step away from that toilet.  This year it’s not about pranks, it’s about helping others.  And doesn’t that feel better than loosening the cap on the salt shaker?

Fact of the matter is, people are going without.  Everyone knows this, but most people figure they’ll help out “sometime”.  Then time passes….  Meanwhile, there are people right here in the U.S.A. that are going hungry.  Hey, hunger isn’t relegated to the world outside our borders, it’s right here too.  Living in a big city like Baltimore (and growing up right outside of DC) shows you one thing; that right next to amazing wealth there are people that cannot make ends meet.

They say it takes a village.  Well, here in Washington Village, I’m hoping that folks will village-up.  See?  I’ve even called my area Washington Village, rather than my beloved Pigtown.  Beating hunger down like it’s my job is important to me.  Even to the point of grasping for a connection.  As a gal who is on a fixed income and extreeeeeemely limited budget, I know there’s a huge “there but for the grace of God” thing going on here.  With the flap of butterfly wings you or I could be the ones in need, the ones who could be helped.

Because there are folks much, much smarter than me, folks that know a whole lot more about this issue than I do, I’m going to shamelessly crib their information.  Read on and learn how you can help and why it’s so desperately needed.

  • Feeding America is annually providing food to 37 million Americans, including 14 million children. This is an increase of 46 percent over 2006, when we were feeding 25 million Americans, including 9 million children, each year.
  • That means one in eight Americans now rely on Feeding America for food and groceries.
  • Feeding America’s nationwide network of food banks is feeding 1 million more Americans each week than we did in 2006.
  • Thirty-six percent of the households served have at least one person working.
  • More than one-third of client households report having to choose between food and other basic necessities, such as rent, utilities and medical care.
  • The number of children the Feeding America network serves has increased by 50 percent since 2006.
  • Feeding America food banks provide food and groceries to 33,500 food pantries, 4,500 soup kitchens and 3,600 emergency shelters.
  • 68 percent of pantries, 42 percent of soup kitchens, and 15 percent of emergency shelters rely solely on volunteers and have no paid staff.
  • 55 percent, are faith-based agencies affiliated with churches, mosques, synagogues and other religious organizations; 33 percent are other types of non-profit organizations.

Do you want to learn more, do more?  Yes, yes you do.  So here are a few links to get you started:

Oh sure, I’ll be back to whining about my usual house-ness in no time flat.  But for right now?  I’m focusing on what’s important.  Here’s hoping I’m not the only one.

We now return you to your usual April 1st tomfoolery.  Thank you, The Management.


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