A thumbs up ‘review’

Hooray – a friend came by this afternoon to check out my pad…and thinks I’m “all settled in”! Now that may not be the most amazing thing you’ve ever heard anyone say about anything, but in this case? This friend isn’t easily impressed (in all the years I’ve known him I don’t think I’ve ever heard him say “wow!”

He even helped me put the TV up on my wee table, giving a better viewing angle than I had when it was sitting on the floor.

I’d lovelovelove a flat-screen TV, but after all the money I’ve spent on furniture (along with the fear that the house will need more work I haven’t found out yet), I feel waiting is best.

One thing I do need to fix is my DVR. I have about 10 episodes of stuff on it and it’s “100% full”. Comcast said I san swap for a new box. Sounds like a plan. Because right now I had more storage on my last DVR at the old pad, and I shared it with my roommate! I need to tape my stories y’all.

The TV, now on legs! Good to have a friend with Popeye-like muscles. (And yes, that's Jessica Simpson's Price Of Beauty on TV. What?)

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