ManCave Sofa volume 2!

I’ve been (sick as a dog) trying to just enjoy my own home, so I haven’t posted as often as I should. But I did travel to IKEA to check out their As-Is section, and scored an armless Tylösand section for 50% off! It was a bit stained, but a quick trip to the dry cleaner and all is perfect. Since it is orange (yep, this time it’s got a cover!) and the other cover pieces I bought are red, I mixed ’em up to give things a “yes this is on purpose” vibe. My old IKEA throw has red & orange in it, so that pulls things together even more. Hopefully.

What I really like is that since the pieces are separate, I can move them apart: one on one wall, one in a corner; both together; facing each other….

Now, to find something that has all the colors of the items downstairs: red, orange, purple, brown. Maybe I could get my 2-year-old nieces to go all Pollock on a canvas. I really like that style of art and I’d love the family touch of their artwork.

Paint. Gotta do more of that myself.  The ManCave is really the last holdout for paint.  Well, the last holdout I’m planning on doing for quite awhile, since the stairs to the upper level & the “nook” in my bedroom will have to wait ’til I hire someone for the stairs and/or move the bed to get to the nook.  Bleah.

Piece two, smooshed up against the loveseat. Still no full cover on the loveseat. Patience!


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