Pigtown! And backyard dilemmas

I’ve started to actually try to live in my home, rather than to just work on it, paint it, hire contractors for it, shop to fill it, yada yada.  And it’s been kinda nice.  I can walk to the Inner Harbor, I can take the freebie Circulator from Hollins Market (about 3 blocks away) to Harbor East (hello Whole Foods!)  And I’ve found a great little coffee shop on the Boulevard (that’d be Washington Blvd) in Pigtown that is cozy and has free wi-fi.

No word on my new Jenna loveseat, but since they said it’d take about 4 weeks?  I’m thinking I’ll hear something by the end of the month.  Which is fine because I can relax in the purple chair of goodness ’til then.  And, of course, the modular wonder that is down in the ManCave.  Mmm, sitting.

I did a tiny bit of home-shopping this week.  Nothing big, but I did score another dinner plate from the style I’ve chosen.  Which is nice, because they usually come in packs of four.  So now I have five, which is a lucky number.  Or at least that’s what my mom told me.  See, if you have an odd number of plates and one breaks?  Still have your even number place-settings.  That always sounded good to me, so I’ve followed her advice.  I also grabbed a Le Chat Noir poster for the kitchen, since I’ve wanted one of those for ages.  A total bargain since I got it at Ross — framed — for under 20 bucks.  Sweet!

Good news on the home finance front; I got my new-homebuyers refund!  Which means I can pay off the siding and furniture.  Whoot — no finance charges!!!  That’s a very good thing.  I may even dump a bit into paying off my car, though perhaps I will save the bit that is left for a rainy-house-day.

Meanwhile, with the days becoming more and more beautiful, a young (alright, not so young.  Fine.) girl’s fancy turns to thoughts of barbecuing.  My aeons-old little Weber grill is down in the basement, looking forlorn.  I’ve been wondering if I should bring it up, what with this being the city and all.  And me not having a fence (which is a whole ‘nother topic).  But there are a whole lot of backyards on my street that do have grills just sitting there.  So maybe I’ll drag up my grill and plop it onto the deck.  What I’d really like is a wee hibatchi or somesuch that would be perfect for the Grilling For One days.  And I just though of something; I wonder if there’s a city ordinance that says no grills on a deck?  Gotta research that.

Pigtown sign
The sign welcoming you to Pigtown at Washington Blvd & MLK Nice artwork, right?

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