Shoeses. Lots of shoeses.

I have tons of shoes stacked in my 2nd bedroom closet.  They’ve been taking up valuable real estate ever since the shelving bits have gone up.

That will change soon.

Just bought a revolving shoe-holder thingamajig from Amazon; holds 36 pairs of shoes, which is almost as many pairs as I currently own.  (Stop it.  I’m a girl, that’s my job.  And I never throw anything away.)  I figure a revolving “tower” will be a lot less space-invasive than a rack o’ shoe on the floor.  See?

Shoe tree
Shoe tree: 6 racks & a basket. For flip-flops maybe?

There’s a space in the 2nd br closet that seems tailor-made for some sorta spinning thing.  The right rear corner has a bump-out that I’m guessing is an air vent passage.  Which is all well and good, but doesn’t help with storage.  (Could be a cool bench seat though…but I digress.)  If I put the revolving shoe holder in front of it, I can use the bump-out for shelving, or for a tupper or two.

Looks pretty easy to install, just attach holders to the rod and moosh it in-between ceiling and floor.  Amazon had a few racks like this that are sold by different sellers.  Probably the exact same rack, so I did a bit of comparison shopping; even with freebie shipping, the Amazon item was 20 bucks more than another item just like it from another shop.  So, I bought from an “outside seller”.

TIP: if you go to Amazon for something, take a good look around before you purchase; you may find the exact same item at Amazon for less from an outside seller. Do a few searches and see what pops up.  Amazon is so all-encompassing that there are many instances of exact duplicates on their site.  Which makes shopping for the best price easier, as long as you take the time to do it.

No word yet on Le Loveseat ala Simplicity Sofas, btw.  Hope I’ll get it soon!  Loving the look of the thing in their catalog & on their Web site, but their follow-up and tracking once you throw money at them?  Not so much with the loving.


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