Collapsible kitchenware: space-savers or money-wasters?

The bad thing about being awake at 4am is…being awake at 4am.  The good thing is I get to research stuff I’d otherwise put off.

Like collapsible kitchen stuff.  Looks like a trend in space-saving is go buy stuff that smooshes down flat, taking up less space.  So you can either buy more, or have more room in your cupboards.

The Express “mini-paper” (the Washington Post’s daily freebie) had a blurb about FoldTuk Bakeware.  The picture of the roaster — a roaster that folds away? — seemed too good to be true, so I poked around a bit.  And yep, it does indeed smoosh.  Or at least that’s what their site (and a few other sites that have reviews) say.

They’re not the only ones;  Progressive, Rubbermaid and my beloved OXO make a slew of smooshieness.  I’ve seen collapsible colanders, steamers, funnels, measuring cups, mixing bowls…..  Seems like if you name it, it can be mashed flat for storage.  I actually have a set of collapsible measuring cups and I love them; they’re multi-colored and fit in my cramped “cool kitchen tools” drawer where regular cups would probably need to find more space.

The idea of mashable, smooshable kitchenware really appeals to me, since I have so little room in Chez Cochon.  But I wonder about clean-up.  If a collapsible item has set, accordion-like creases, won’t those creases be a magnet for trapped grease/food/etc if you’re not super careful about scrub-scrub-scrubbing ’em?

The next time I stumble on a collapsible something-or-other at TJ Ross’alls, I’ll pick it up and give it a workout.  Because if these suckers are as easy to clean as they are to store?  I’ll be donating my old stuff and going with the Smoosh Revolution.


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